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55" Haunted Museum 2 Arcade Machine

55" Haunted Museum 2 Arcade Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Taito Corporation
Year Released :2011
Category :Shooting Games

About 55" Haunted Museum 2 Arcade Machine

Haunted Museum 2 is a 1-2 Player light gun shooting game from Taito. It is the sequel to Haunted Museum and is known as Frightmareland in North America.

The game revolves around two special agents who are investigating the disappearance of 100 people in a nameless city. Their investigation leads them to Frightmareland, a dilapidated amusement park where they believe the victims are being held captive by a group of crazy carnival characters.

The game features 15 selectable levels, 1 bonus level, 12 mini-game missions, 6 bosses and three different game endings.

The main enemies that players will face are killer clowns. Players will also come across barrels, boxes and objects that can be destroyed to reveal point bonuses, ammo and hostages.

Product Details for 55" Haunted Museum 2 Arcade Machine

  • Taito Type X2 Hardware
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP Embedded
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Pentium 4 651?Celeron D 352 (up to latest Core 2 CPUs supported by the chipset)
  • Chipset: Intel Q965 + ICH8
  • Monitor: 720p/1080p/1440p HD LCD Monitor
  • RAM: DDR2 667/800MHz (512MB/1GB, up to 4GB)
  • GPU: PCI Express x16-based graphics. Support cards include ATI RADEON -X1600Pro/X1300LE or nVIDIA GeForce 7900GS?7600GS?7300GS, up to latest graphic cards (Radeon HD 3800 or Geforce 9800 series)
  • Sound: Onboard Realtek HD 7.1 channel Sound (supports add-in sound cards)
  • LAN: 10/100/1000 BASE-T
  • I/O ports: 1x JVS, 4x USB 2.0 (up to 8), 1x serial (max 2), 1x parallel port, 2x -PS/2, 2x SATA
  • Audio inputs: AKG C535EB Stage Microphone, line-in (Surround 7.1)
  • Audio outputs: 7.1, SPDI/FX
  • Expansion Slots: 1x PCI Express x16 (used by video card), 1x PCI Express x4, 2x PCI
  • Storage: 2x 80 GB 10k RPM SATA Hard Drives
  • Media: 80 GB 10000 rpm Hard Drive
  • Players : 2
  • Control : light-gun

Product Database
Product Name :55" Haunted Museum 2 Arcade Machine
Category Type :Shooting Games
Style :Gun Shooting Games
Manufacturer :Taito Corporation
Year Of Release :2011
Product Size :Width: 155.2 cm
Depth: 193.0 cm
Height: 215.0 cm
Product Weight :222 kg
PCB Type :Taito Type X2
Controller Type :Gun
Force Feedback :Force Feedback
Screen Size :55" Screen
Jamma Wiring :Yes
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single & Co-operative Play
No. Of Players :2

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