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Arabian Crystal

Arabian Crystal
Product Details
Manufacturer :Konami
Year Released :2005
Category :Token / Medal Machines

About Arabian Crystal

A large medal game from Konami, suitable for 1-12 players. With additional stations, up to 16 players can participate.
Features in the special designs on the Left and Right buttons, a large 50 inch screen, including drawing instruments, and roulette.

Product Details for Arabian Crystal

Cabinet also houses "Wing Fantasia" game and a 50-inch display, called the main screen, and with Left and Right buttons for the "station" portion of the medal game, and roulette is composed of bowl lottery.

"Arabian Crystal" also features a guest cast from the following Konami machines:-

Pop'n Music - Nyami, ears, papyrus, Tsusuto.
Quiz Magic Academy Lily teachers and Amelia.
Fever fantastic - you clown, March (Magical Girl), you monkey (monkey), Tango (cat).

Features that are inherited from the "Fantasia Wing". Gather and apply a direct or seven Treasure Sugoroku Sugoroku step in the slot of the station, to challenge the Treasure Sugoroku to play in the main screen. The player pieces balloon is displayed in addition, are color-coded for each each station, the station number is displayed, in front of the station during the course of the corresponding Sugoroku revolving light is lit.

There is a number from 1 to 8, the ball is fired from the top hole of the roulette When you press the button of the station. Roulette will stop and crawl into a hole under the ball, stopped at the hole numbers below will be applied. This number of Sugoroku dice not only to (die), will also be used in games such as crystal or bonus game will be described later.
Depending on the configuration of the map shop, there exist three types of maps, the most common map is:-
Usually ゾ ー nn
Refers to the outer periphery of the map. Setting the Start / goal is not, can be lapped in endless. In addition to (Warp) mass has become the entrance to the high probability zone, to each trout various bonus conditions have all of WARP in two places.
High correct rate ゾ ー nn
In the course of pointing to the inside of the map. Skipped to the starting point of the high probability zone and stop zone to WARP mass is usually in two places, we proceed to Sugoroku aims to (big bonus) BIG BONUS of the goal from there. However, if greater than or equal to the number of mass required to reach close to the goal despite BIG BONUS at roulette came out is returned to the 32nd of mass, or to win a bonus reached the BIG BONUS, even in the middle OUT (out If you stopped at the mass) is usually returned to the WARP mass of the zone. Withdrawal is carried out also in this case.

Bonus of each Mass

Friday, stop number is displayed here is Haraidasa. Zone is usually 25 sheets, 50 sheets in the high probability zone.
Mini game
Bonus can be obtained by the station to play the game returns to the screen, will be automatically selected. (See below)
Bonus Card
Obtained a bonus card to select the card in the alternative station on the screen, that provision. The card is six, (red or blue) (sheet of 50 pieces and 25) WIN, Crystal 10, mini-games, JACKPOT.
Card bonus map (MAP CARD)
Choose the card with the screen center. Withdrawal Tuesday, a prescribed number, in addition to JACKPOT, fun party games (Withdrawal Tuesday, multiplied by the number 25 to number stopped at roulette) bonus roulette, crystal game, with other players, goddess scramble by other stores with more online matches so that the game can choose as well.
Super Jackpot (SUPER JACKPOT
SJP) chance
Are placed in the upper right and lower left of the normal zone, able to challenge the SUPER JACKPOT CHANCE and stop here. Number is displayed as a shed at roulette (usually more than 800) are Haraidasa Wednesday, 100 will be added pending further if more than 7 slot prior to the start of Sugoroku. 300 sheets, 100 sheets are also Haraidasa out five and hit a diagonal.
Big Bonus (BIG BONUS)
BB) opportunity
(Usually sheet 2500) is Haraidasa Wednesday, the number is placed to the end of the zone high probability, that is displayed in the shed 1 at the roulette even here, 500, 150 Sheets also out and shed five of diagonal is Haraidasa. Back to WARP mass of normal zone end up here.

Other maps

There is no map SJP, (2 × times are set from the beginning to the game below) DX version of the game crystal zone the presence of a high dividend.
Map 1 lap short, it becomes easy to enter the crystal and opportunities SJP (high dividend zone does not exist).

Arabian Crystal        


Product Database
Product Name :Arabian Crystal
Category Type :Token / Medal Machines
Manufacturer :Konami
Year Of Release :2005
Product Size :Width: 275.0 cm
Depth: 128.0 cm
Height: 331.0 cm
Product Weight :460 kg
Linking :No
No. Of Players :12

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