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Arm Champs 2

Arm Champs 2
Product Details
Manufacturer :Jaleco Entertainment
Year Released :1992
Category :Sports Games

About Arm Champs 2

A simulated arm wrestling match. Players try to beat a mechanical arm, and in order to stop the player from cheating, the player must keep his elbow on the pad at all times.

The game is suited for all strength ranges and sexes. The player chooses an opponent from one of 9 opponents, 8 male and 1 female, with each opponent having their own skill/strength level. This allows every player to have a fair match. Arm Champs 2 features more opponents and more action than its predecessor.

The machine is also operator adjustable, with the operator able to set the number of matches allowed per game (1-4), as well as the amount of time allowed (15-30 secs).

Product Database
Product Name :Arm Champs 2
Category Type :Sports Games
Manufacturer :Jaleco Entertainment
Year Of Release :1992
Product Size :Width: 79.0 cm
Depth: 115.0 cm
Height: 196.0 cm
Product Weight :297 kg
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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