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Awesome Toss 'Em

Awesome Toss 'Em
Product Details
Manufacturer :Lazer-Tron
Category :Video Games

About Awesome Toss 'Em

Players try to throw the colored balls into the matching colored holes to score points in this exciting game! If the player throws the wrong color ball in the hole, the game will deduct points. This game features Lazer-Tron's patented color recognition technology to detect the colored balls instantly!

Product Details for Awesome Toss 'Em

Color Recognition Technology (CRD)
  • Lazer-Tron's new patent pending CRD technology will allow, for the first time, a game to distinguish between the color of the balls thrown into the targets. Awesome Toss 'Em combines speed, accuracy and quick thinking to produce the most unique ball toss game ever made. It is educational and develops excellent hand-eye coordination.

  • Patent Pending on new CRD technology
  • Fully operator adjustable
  • Size 33"W x 72"L x 82"H
  • Weight 350 lbs
  • Skill level of the game increases with the skill of one player
  • Super sound and graphics package

Product Database
Product Name :Awesome Toss 'Em
Category Type :Video Games
Style :Sport Games
Manufacturer :Lazer-Tron
Product Size :Width: 83.8 cm
Depth: 182.9 cm
Height: 208.3 cm
Product Weight :157.5 kg
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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