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Beatmania II DX 20th Tricoro Arcade Machine

Beatmania II DX 20th Tricoro Arcade Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Konami
Category :Music Machines

About Beatmania II DX 20th Tricoro Arcade Machine

Get the latest in DJ action with Beatmania II DX 20th Tricoro - the latest edition of Konami's Beatmania II DX series of DJ music arcade machines. New features of the 20th Tricoro include the first ever HD screen and graphics in Beatmania history as well as an in-store ranking system, new songs, backgrounds and interfaces.

The Game:
Beatmania is a DJ simulator game where players co-ordinate their hand movements on the turntable and buttons to match the notes on the screen. There are numerous songs, stages, and bonus options to keep game play fresh and exciting.

The game introduced various new features and overhauled the old ones. Modifier screen have been revamped, now consisting of four categories; STYLE, GAUGE, ASSIST, and RANGE. New options have also been introduced such as ghost type selection. HI-SPEED option is also revamped, now separated from the modifier screen and can only be accessed during gameplay by holding the START button. It can be set from 0.5 to 10.0 in 0.01 increments (or 0.25 increments with SUDDEN+ option enabled). With this being the first Beatmania IIDX game in high-definition, the interface during gameplay have been overhauled, with the players now able to change the position of the music video and score graph. Due to this however, some songs have their videos removed due to the change in interface. Expert Mode, the course-based gameplay in previous games have also been removed.

Different from older releases, Extra Stage system has been overhauled into a system called 'Limit Burst', where songs in this Extra Stage represents each active BEMANI games, with the representation of beatmania IIDX itself is a new song and BEMANI crossovers from each BEMANI games represent their own series. Also, Tricoro marks the first time IIDX have multiple original unlocking systems (not counting events involving other BEMANI games). The multiple unlocking systems is also followed by REFLEC BEAT colette, where songs are unlocked according to seasons.

Product Details for Beatmania II DX 20th Tricoro Arcade Machine

  • 720p HD LCD Screen
  • Overhauled interfaces and backgrounds
  • New songs and videos

Beatmania II DX 20th Tricoro Arcade Machine Beatmania II DX 20th Tricoro Arcade Machine      



Product Database
Product Name :Beatmania II DX 20th Tricoro Arcade Machine
Category Type :Music Machines
Style :Music Games
Manufacturer :Konami
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Screen Resolution :720p (1366x768)
No. Of Players :2

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