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Bio Outbreak Arcade Machine

Bio Outbreak Arcade Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Universal Space Video Game
Year Released :2015
Category :Other Products

About Bio Outbreak Arcade Machine

The Bio Outbreak Arcade Machine is the chilling 3D video adventure game with gun vibration effect. It involves some other amazing effect like blowing wind effect throughout game and special effect on foot panel moving around the scenes gives you real feeling.

This Bio Outbreak Arcade game includes three main stages and each of the tree stages has 3 unlocked stages and 1 locked stage.

This incredibly popular machine's simple and fun game play, and eye-catching cabinet art.

Product Details for Bio Outbreak Arcade Machine

  • Chilling 3D video adventure game with gun vibration
  • Blowing wind effect throughout game
  • 3 main stages and each of them with 3 unlocked stages and 1 locked stage.
  • Stomp on Foot Panel to move around the scenes
  • Real Sensory effects to add tension to the journey
  • 2 player unit

Play Instruction:
  • A bio hazard has escaped turning animals and people into gruesome monsters and zombies.
  • Using the map to pinpoint the bio breakout, you need to find the girl and save her from the terrors that await her.
  • Stomp on the foot panel to move you around the scenes.
  • Use the gun and triggers to kill the monsters and unlock the stages along the way.

Product Database
Product Name :Bio Outbreak Arcade Machine
Category Type :Other Products
Style :Shooting Style Games
Manufacturer :Universal Space Video Game
Year Of Release :2015
Product Size :Width: 164.5 cm
Depth: 251.5 cm
Height: 226.7 cm
Product Weight :600 kg
Controller Type :Gun
Screen Orientation :Horizontal+Vertical
Linking :No
No. Of Players :2

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