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Bloody Roar 3

Bloody Roar 3
Product Details
Manufacturer :Hudson Soft
Year Released :2000
Category :Video Games

About Bloody Roar 3

This third installment in the popular Bloody Roar fighting series features a greater variety of characters and fierce beasts that they can transform into. Players can use the 'beast gauge' during combat to deliver special attacks to the ememy, while transformations into larger, more monstrous creatures can be performed with a Beast Rave power-up.

The game introduces more aerial combos than its predecessors, which is great especially for characters who turn into flying creatures. All of the arenas in which the players fight are closed in by walls, which you can slam your opponent into -- a very handy way to finish a combo move.

Product Details for Bloody Roar 3

  • 3D backgrounds

Bloody Roar Bloody Roar 2
Product Database
Product Name :Bloody Roar 3
Category Type :Video Games
Style :Fighting Games
Manufacturer :Hudson Soft
Year Of Release :2000

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