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CarnEvil DX

CarnEvil DX
Product Details
Manufacturer :Midway Games
Year Released :1999
Category :Shooting Games

About CarnEvil DX

CarnEvil is a rail shooter light gun game from Midway. Take your chances and shoot your way through this sideshow of freaks and phantoms. The DX version has a 39 inch screen.

The game pits the player against more than 40 opponents, in "The Haunted House", "Chamber of Horrors", "Rickety Town" culminating in the final showdown in the "Big Top". The weapon is a pump-shot gun which can be powered up to a machine gun, a double-blast shotgun, a flamethrower, and even an acid shooter.

CarnEvil is notable for its 3D characters and fully rendered environments. The game is also quite graphic and full of gore, but still manages to retain a black sense of humour throughout.

Product Details for CarnEvil DX

  • Also available with 39" cabinet.
  • W43" X H79.5" X D68.5"
  • W109.22cm X H201.93cm x D173.9cm
  • Weight: 800lb / 363kg

CarnEvil DX CarnEvil DX      

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Product Database
Product Name :CarnEvil DX
Category Type :Shooting Games
Style :Gun Shooting Games
Manufacturer :Midway Games
Year Of Release :1999
Product Size :Width: 109.2 cm
Depth: 175.3 cm
Height: 203.2 cm
Product Weight :360 kg
PCB Type :Midway Seattle
Controller Type :Gun
Screen Size :39" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Screen Resolution :Standard (15kHz)
Linking :No
No. Of Players :2

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