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Clone Motion

Clone Motion
Product Details
Manufacturer :dotACE.com
Year Released :2000
Category :Simulators

About Clone Motion

Clone Motion is a true 3D dance game built on a state-of-the-art 3D motion capture technology and is systematically integrated with the concept of the "sliding ghost" metaphor. This game is in contrast to 2D dance games based on non-intuitive foot stepping or event gestures that have no relation to the actual dance motions. The game detects actual dance movement as is and evaluates the performance by comparing the motion to the original dance data.

Product Details for Clone Motion

  • Shows and induces dance movements using a mixture of 3D character motion captured animation, freeze frame key postures and other instructional cues
  • Captures the user's motion using 4 cameras and 5 light illuminating markers
  • Evaluates the motion of the user against the original dance data

Product Database
Product Name :Clone Motion
Category Type :Simulators
Manufacturer :dotACE.com
Year Of Release :2000

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