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Crazy Kick 2000

Crazy Kick 2000
Product Details
Manufacturer :Interactive Light
Year Released :2000
Category :Sports Games

About Crazy Kick 2000

Crazy Kick 2000 is the upgrade for the Kick It Line of products. It offers two extra games on top of the Kick It Classic - Kick Bowling and Carniball.

The first game is Carniball, which offers the same concept of kicking the football at targets in order to win points, prizes or tickets as the Kick It original game. It comprises of five different carnival-type scenarios, from the Duck gallery to the Haunted House, where the player has to hit the targets indicated within the time allowed, and with a limited number of balls. The menu screen randomly picks the carnival ride you will participate in, and if all five screens are cleared successfully and you still have remaining balls, you have a chance to play the bonus round in which you can pick up extra points.

Kick Bowling is a variation of the popular Slide It Puck Bowling game whereby the player slides the puck along the playfield to knock down the on screen pins. In this game, the player's goal is still to knock down the pins, but this time to do it with the Kick It football. Players have 2 goes in each frame to knock down the 10 pins - just like in a regular game of bowling - and ten frames in which to try and either beat their opponent or their own best score.

Product Details for Crazy Kick 2000

  • One or two players
  • Available with ticket payout
  • The upgrade also offers Internet capabilities, which means downloadable, on-line advertising and on-line gameplay

Product Database
Product Name :Crazy Kick 2000
Category Type :Sports Games
Manufacturer :Interactive Light
Year Of Release :2000
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :2

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