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Cromputer Win

Cromputer Win
Product Details
Manufacturer :Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd
Year Released :2003
Category :Token / Medal Machines

About Cromputer Win

Cromputer Win is the long-awaited remake of the original Crompton masterpiece of the mid-seventies, redesigned for 2003.

A large playfield of waiting, and all potentially winning coins, Cromputer Win offers constant, little and often wins. Players insert their coins through a choice of three coin-entries, whichever is judged the most probable 'winning slot', for as the coin then bounces through a set of pins, it may either fall to the sides of the playfield or, through the centre, winning zone.

If a coin wins to the side, one computer wheel will turn to dispense coins and when the coin falls through the centre winning zone, both computer wheels spin for a larger win.

Product Details for Cromputer Win

  • Proven Earning Power
  • Stunning Artwork
  • Ingenious Gameplay
  • Single Player

Product Database
Product Name :Cromputer Win
Category Type :Token / Medal Machines
Manufacturer :Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd
Year Of Release :2003
Product Size :Width: 76.0 cm
Depth: 55.0 cm
Height: 164.0 cm

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