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Cue Ball Wizard Pinball Machine (1992)

Cue Ball Wizard Pinball Machine (1992)
Product Details
Manufacturer :Gottlieb Electronics
Year Released :1992
Category :Pinball Machines

About Cue Ball Wizard Pinball Machine (1992)

The Cue Ball Wizard Pinball Machine features great artwork and props based around the theme of Pool. The Pool theme continues with scoring opportunities such as the Corner Pocket, Bank Shot, Stripes/Solids and Sweet Spot. A classic 8 Ball Deluxe and more, the Cue Ball Wizard also features multiball play, mini games, and a series of missions to complete.

To score major points, Cue Ball Wizard features a 3 Ball Multiball round called Pool Mania 3 which can only be accessed by completing all the Wagon Wheel rounds.

This multiball Pinball Machine is not only fun but challenging and a must for any Pinball or Pool collector.

Product Details for Cue Ball Wizard Pinball Machine (1992)

  • Multiball modes
  • Variety of mini-games and missions
  • Pool Hall themed artwork and game play
  • Electronic Voiceover

Product Database
Product Name :Cue Ball Wizard Pinball Machine (1992)
Category Type :Pinball Machines
Manufacturer :Gottlieb Electronics
Year Of Release :1992
Product Size :Width: 69.0 cm
Depth: 132.0 cm
Height: 140.0 cm
Product Weight :133.65 kg
No. Of Players :4

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