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DDR Super Nova 2 Arcade Machine

DDR Super Nova 2 Arcade Machine
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About DDR Super Nova 2 Arcade Machine

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 is the 10th traditional arcade release in the DDR series by Japanese manufacturer Konami. The music includes songs from the first SuperNova game, as well as new songs designed for this version. DDR SuperNova 2 retains some of the best DDR features as well a variety of new features exclusive to SuperNova 2.

DDR SuperNova 2 retains e-AMUSEMENT information from SuperNova. In addition, e-amusement is now able to keep track of the players weight and calories burned. The player is even able to view how many calories were burned during a play session once play is finished.

The modes available are Tutorial, Beginner, Standard, Battle, Nonstop, and Challenge. Some modes now require a different number of credits to be inserted, and Battle mode can be chosen if playing as a single player.

Other changes found in this edition are the inclusion of an introductory movie, changes to the scoring system with the maximum score available now 1,000,000 points, a new system for extra stages, and the removal of country ranking. Some song difficulties and step charts have also been redone for this version.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (8th Mix) Arcade Machine  
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Product Name :DDR Super Nova 2 Arcade Machine
Product Size :Width: 178.0 cm
Depth: 276.0 cm
Height: 255.0 cm
No. Of Players :2

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