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Diggers Prize

Diggers Prize
Product Details
Category :Video Games

About Diggers Prize

"Digger's Prize" is unique whereby players compete against their own depleting fuel levels to dig as many balls as possible, using push button or joystick controls. Once balls are picked up by the digger arm, the player then needs to drop the balls into the dumper truck. This in turn moves to a conveyor belt system which carries the balls to a hopper with a tonnage gauge. This indicates how many tonnes have been dug.

Suitable as a ticket payout or amusement only game, Diggers Prize is operator adjustable with low maintenance and service costs.

Product Details for Diggers Prize

  • Optional fitted compressor.
  • Animated attract mode.
  • Articulated digger arm.
  • Joystick version available.
  • Realistic CD sound.
  • Adjustable ticket payout.

Diggers Prize        

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Product Name :Diggers Prize
Category Type :Video Games

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