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Dragon's Lair 2 - Time Warp

Dragon's Lair 2 - Time Warp
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Category :Video Games

About Dragon's Lair 2 - Time Warp

"Dirk the Daring" returns for an all new adventure. Princess "Daphne" is in trouble again this time she has been kidnapped by the evil wizard "Mordroc" who is intend on making her his bride. Dirk must find the time machine and travel through different periods in time to find and rescue Daphne. The gameplay remains unchanged, the game contains an interactive animated story, which has been pressed onto a laser disc. The player uses a joystick and single(sword) button to control Dirk's destiny.

The animation would play and then a certain object in the background or Dirk's sword would flash and the player must press the right direction on the joystick to get to that place or use his sword to perform an action. If the player made the right move in time. The animation would show Dirk escaping from danger the and story would continue. If the player made the wrong move or wasn't quick enough, the animation would show a number of demises for our hero. The player would then lose a life and go back to a preset point in the adventure.

The player's ultimate goal this time is to locate Mordroc's castle and rescue Daphne before, Mordroc can open the "Casket of Doom" and place the "Death Ring" on her finger to seal the union.

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Product Name :Dragon's Lair 2 - Time Warp
Category Type :Video Games

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