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Fire Dragon Arcade Game

Fire Dragon Arcade Game
Product Details
Manufacturer :Arcooda Pty Ltd
Year Released :2016
Category :Video Games

About Fire Dragon Arcade Game

The Fire Dragon Arcade Game is an English version, video redemption fish hunting game in which players compete against each other and the clock to catch the most profitable fish and characters!

The Fire Dragon arcade game is quite simple and straight forward, with players facing off in head-to-head competition to catch as many fish as possible! The redesigned stages and characters make for an exciting new game that will recapture the imagination of players.

The characters new armoured look and fluoro accents stand out brilliantly against the darker backdrops of ocean floors and ship wrecks.

Characters in the Fire Dragon arcade game include Lionfish, Spearfish, Clown Fish, Lantern Fish, Turtles, Devilfish, Fugu, Sharks, Butterfly Fish, Lobsters, Octopus, Whales, Golden Sharks, Killer Whales, Bumblebee, Purple Dragon, Fire Dragon and more!

Fire Dragon arcade game features include:

  • Bumblebee Golden Time – when players catch 5 Bumblebee type characters, they will receive a weapon upgrade feature called Golden Time! The weapon last for a limited time only and it is only the small Bumblebees that count towards this feature.

  • Bumblebee – catch the giant Bumblebee character and earn 300,000 points!

  • Lucky Dice - When players catch fish with this effect it will grab all the other fish of the same kind on the playfield at the time and award the collective points to the player!

  • Free Bullet/Winnings Energy Cells - floating energy cells that grant players free bullets or large bonuses when caught.

The Fire Dragon arcade game is available as:

  • Full Upgrade Kit
  • 6 Player 32" Arcade Cabinet
  • 6 Player 58" Arcade Cabinet
  • 8 Player 58" Arcade Cabinet
  • 10 Player 2x58" Arcade Cabinet

The cabinets also come with the standard input and output configurations:

  • Key In/Out
  • Coin In/Out
  • Note Acceptor
  • Thermal Printer
  • Ticket Dispenser

The Fire Dragon arcade game will stand out in location and will draw players in from all across the floor. This game is profitable in a wide variety of locations due to the vairous customization options available to operators.

Product Database
Product Name :Fire Dragon Arcade Game
Category Type :Video Games
Manufacturer :Arcooda Pty Ltd
Year Of Release :2016
Controller Type :Joystick
Screen Size :58" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal+Vertical
Screen Resolution :1080p (1920x1080)
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play, Versus Play & Co-operative Play
No. Of Players :10

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