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Product Details
Manufacturer :JPM International
Year Released :2003
Category :AWP / SWP

About Firecracker

The Firecracker is JPM's new gaming machine released in April 2003, which features a lapper with 3 pots, cash, features and nudges with super disc in the middle.

Feature entry is gained by getting 3 stars on the win-line. Once this is achieved it will award a bonus from each of the coloured sections. If the 3 stars are the same colour, then all of the bonuses in the corresponding colour will be awarded. A reel win can also result in feature entry after one successful gamble.

In the feature game the player moves around the lapping board landing on + features, + cash or + nudge squares that will increment the relevant pots. The player can also land on bonus nudges, mystery's, extra icons or bonus squares. To activate the super disc the player must collect three icons. Once active the disc spins every time the player moves around the lapper.

The disc can award super cash and feature increments, these will upgrade the award offered from the bottom upwards, extra bonus, extra icons, cash and feature strikes, these award a knock-out above the pot position if collected, disc blitz, this gives a multi-spin of the super disc, super fill and super nudges, that allow the player to nudge up or down. If the super disc is active and three more icons are collected it will award invincibility, which guarantees the player a no-lose feature.

Fire Cracker is the Jackpot feature activated by collecting 3 fire crackers off the trail or via the top of the feature pot. It will award one of the bottom two cash values, it then offers a scatter on the arrows above, once an arrow is selected it will award the value above it. This process continues until the player hits stop.

Product Database
Product Name :Firecracker
Category Type :AWP / SWP
Manufacturer :JPM International
Year Of Release :2003

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