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Galaxian Fever

Galaxian Fever
Product Details
Manufacturer :Namco Limited
Year Released :2000
Category :Token / Medal Machines

About Galaxian Fever

Galaxian Fever is another of the games in Namco's "Shooting Medal" series of ticket game where the aim is to shoot the aliens when they land on the ground.

It is a jackpot game where the jackpot accumulates until a player goes through all the stages until the fourth boss is destroyed. If one player doesn't collect the jackpot, successive players have the chance to do so. Jackpots are paid out in tickets. Maximum jackpot is 999 tickets.

Bosses will fly into shooting range when each formation of 10 aliens is destroyed. Aliens will also leave the formation and stay within shooting range for a period of time before moving back into position.

Game play also features help items for the player such as an alien capture item that stuns the aliens for 10 seconds, an ally that will appear and destroy five aliens, bonus points for destroying aliens without missing a shot and extra tickets added to the jackpot.

Product Database
Product Name :Galaxian Fever
Category Type :Token / Medal Machines
Manufacturer :Namco Limited
Year Of Release :2000
Product Size :Width: 61.0 cm
Depth: 132.0 cm
Height: 212.0 cm

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