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Galileo Factory Medal Game

Galileo Factory Medal Game
Product Details
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Released :2008
Category :Coin Pushers

About Galileo Factory Medal Game

Galileo Factory is a large medal game from Sega. The machine has a large criss-crossed roller coaster like structure in the center of the unit. Players maneuver coloured balls on the coaster by using a small wheel, and the aim is to drop the balls in a particular place. There are also a variety of bonus games and jackpots available.

Product Details for Galileo Factory Medal Game

To introduce a medal medals entry

This work has adopted a mechanism can be called "hand-cranked hopper" in the medal dropping mechanism. Add to the input port and a medal of the form as it is brought to be used as part taken out Wednesday hopper dispensing equipment Medals, fit into a hole of six medals in the rotating plate. The left is the handle counter-clockwise, right is turned clockwise, the rotation around the plate, medals will be introduced one by one, and fly into the field with the assistance of the belt. At this time, but fly to the direction indicated by the "wiper" move from side to side, while pressing the yellow button, has become also possible to stop this movement, aiming for a one-way. In addition, the left-hand side is blue, and the right side by pressing the red button, switch and short, shorter distance to fly. This is intended to be used when you want to input directly to the bottom of the field medals have been to two-stage structure. Also, be returned to the return opening at the bottom of the center and put into operation is performed when you press the lever return, the medal will not be turned on.

Start Chucker

Digital lottery is started and enter a total of six medals in the hole to the left and right at the time usually. In addition, medals went into the Chucker is recovered. In addition, the hold has been provided a total of 10 minutes rotation, when you pass a medal at the start Chucker was full, make a lottery promoted for existing pending. If elected to this, rainbow colors (matching three numbers won deterministic) either (which is red ☆ ☆ step of the bonus game with the possibility of special) ☆ or red occurs. However, the hold was upgraded to once, in order to be promoted again there is no lottery, or ☆ become red or rainbow, but not vice versa. And start drawing on exposure to it like a thin wire in the sensor rather than an expression has also attended

Digital lottery

What three numbers the same abacus in digital lottery, and the advent of picture in picture ☆ to become some sort of prize.
1. Withdrawal of the right to acquire: 50 sheets of even numbers. Able to challenge (see below) double up.
2. Able to challenge (see below) Kroon challenge: The number of 1,3,5.
3. 7 numbers: Regardless of the situation, able to challenge jackpot challenge.
4. ☆ to stop: step bonus game progresses, you can challenge have accumulated seven bonus game. At the same time, 10 sheets can be acquired.

☆ the bottom of the screen and gather the seven will become the bonus game. There are five types bonus games, what will be playing the game which is random. But disappear one by one as directed ☆, ☆ If you have any left at the end is red, the game becomes a dividend of 5 times (Special bonus game).


By a robot belonging to "Dan Galileo Ballet", playing the coin flip. The winning number and the total number of those coins is written the numbers are visible, if dissatisfied with the number of maximum can try up to four times. However, if you try, to adopt the previous result can not be. If the number was on the surface of all, (with bonus) to be forced to terminate. The coin has been color-coded, so care must be taken is determined in units of color inside and outside the group. In addition, when it comes to slow motion when the coin was jumped, but is only slightly improve the dividend can be expected (directed by chance).


Game destroyed by the rendering of a yellow button to select one target from the door of three, appeared. There is a "3" "5" "7" "10", "25" in the numbers of the target. Target is composed of "?" Of the ten digits and the last, the target of a number of target, "?" From 3 can be destroyed in 10 rounds. The number of "?" But indefinite, at least 10 pieces, the best 500 has been confirmed. In the case of blue flame, there is a target of "25" always somewhere in the tip of the battery door three. "25" if the red flame does not exist.


Robot adventure game-style home, while going down the tower, to win the gem. Players choose one of three buttons, to drop the character. What lies ahead by the fall, the number of medal will be determined. In addition, the number of winning at least 10 pieces so that it becomes red diamond, green gem, green gem and only a selection of the first conversion.

100 red diamond (1).
10 (2) emerald.
300 sheets (3) black diamond.
Appeared from the selection of the second bomb (4), the end game bonus.


Wind robots dealer, we opened the box of the selected player, the number of acquisition may be determined on the basis of its contents. Contents, but are configured with 12 boxes total of nine items and win a medal, three bombs, coins and items from My least five, number plate of gold (such as more than 100) if you are lucky. In addition, there is a pattern of "fire fighting at the time of the fuse" "unexploded" Even though the bomb because open, if you do not want to blast the game to continue (At this time, the bomb will be thrown off the screen by the robot). If you chose the first three bomb will explode in the unconditional, however. However, when you first exploded in the box unfortunately, because of five chips to appear from nowhere, the lowest number of winning has become five.


WHAT IF? solitaire-like game of the wind. Parts of the square-triangle-circle, and three colors red, green and yellow, that is nine. Game 3 to select the type that appeared in the hand from this, we choose to "keep getting the same color or same shape" at all times. At the end was unable to continue. Basic dividend has become one yellow, three green, and red five times a circle, triangle twice, three times the square. There is a need to basically make a selection in anticipation of the destination, in the bonus game is finished in most games that use the head. Impossible, but at least one winning number, this is not done on purpose.

Product Database
Product Name :Galileo Factory Medal Game
Category Type :Coin Pushers
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Of Release :2008

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