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Game of Thrones Limited Edition Pinball Machine

Game of Thrones Limited Edition Pinball Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Stern Pinball Inc
Year Released :2015
Category :Pinball Machines

About Game of Thrones Limited Edition Pinball Machine

The Game of Thrones Limited Edition Pinball Machine is an arcade game based on the hit television series and is packed with features and toys that provide an intensely unique pinball experience to players of all skill levels!

This Limited Edition version will challenge players to play against kings, knights, knaves and dragons. Each player can choose to be a Knight of the Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Martell, or Tyrell family Houses, and pick other Houses to battle.

It also features Game of Thrones actor Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane (The Hound), who guides the player throughout the game with an authentic and strong presence. The goal of the game is to secure the Iron Throne and rule the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

The game features an animated, interactive dragon that roars, flies, and breathes fire through the magic of all-LED lit playfields, and has a kickback under it which blasts the ball back at the upper playfield flippers when hit.

Players can also slam the ball into the Battering Ram, attempting to break down the Castle Doors and grab features such as Super Jackpots, Wild Fire, and Playfield Score Multipliers. While the animated mechanical Sword of Multiball holds back reinforcements until it’s time to attack.

The game also features a bank of three Drop-Targets lights the Lord of Light Lanes to protect against side drains and awards other progressive features. A Kickback fires the ball in anger when struck.

Players can win valuable random awards and features with Reel Pops, a fun new software mechanism, by playing the Pop Bumpers and spinning three virtual spinning reels on the display. When three identical symbols line up, the player is awarded the prize shown on the reels.

Players can also earn Gold and spend it on needed weapons and features to further their campaign to win the Iron Throne. This is facilitated by an Action Button, which is featured on the front molding, and allows for the largest array of interactive play features ever seen in a pinball machine.

The Limited Edition model is vastly different from the Pro model, featuring a massive and challenging Castle upper playfield with a second set of full size flippers, shots and an animated Dragon. Plus the machine showcases dazzling, full-playfield, color-changing LED’s throughout the game.

An Elevator serving two “floors” brings the ball up to the Castle where the players battle against Houses and Dragons. The second Elevator floor delivers the ball to the Iron Throne, where victories great and small can be celebrated. Amazing light shows and effects are a visual celebration of the players’ victories.

The Limited Edition model comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a numbered plaque, a designer-autographed playfield, a beautiful, and a hand-drawn cabinet and backglass artwork by Bob Stevlik. Exclusive, glossy, black- powder-coated, laser-cut side armor features dragon elements of the Targaryen Sigil and is inscribed with the Targaryen House motto, “Fire & Blood”, all highlighted with a rich, red mirrored backing.

This exclusively designed Game of Thrones Limited Edition Pinball Machine is the ultimate collectors piece for any fan of the smash hit series and pinball enthusiasts alike.

Product Details for Game of Thrones Limited Edition Pinball Machine


  • Experience the greatest epic Game of Thrones battles in a World Under Glass.
  • Custom speech and narration by GOT actor Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane, aka "The Hound".
  • Game of Thrones theme song and many more original songs.
  • Players choose to be a Knight of the Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Martell, or Tyrell family houses.
  • Players choose other houses to battle and include stacking battle choices for twice the challenge.
  • Exclusive LE Laser-Cut Side Armor in Gloss Black featuring Targaryen Dragons and FIRE & BLOOD.
  • Gloss Black powder coated legs, armor with flipper button protector, hinges, front molding.
  • Playfield slide support and brackets.
  • New SPIKE electronic system.
  • High-efficiency switching power-supply for consistent performance in all line conditions.
  • 3-channel Bass + Stereo Hi-Fidelity sound system.
  • Separate treble and bass adjustment.
  • New CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification.
  • 4 Balls.
  • Traditional Coin Door.
  • Easy-to-Follow game rules for casual players, with depth for experts.
  • Modular computer style cord.
  • Certificate of authenticity signed by Gary Stern.
  • Designer Autographed playfield featuring Steve Ritchie's signature under hard coat.
  • Serialized number plate limited to 700.
  • Powder coated steel and plywood backbox with color themed t-molding.
  • Latching Lockdown bar.
  • Original Hand Painted Cabinet Art by Bob Stevlik featuring Targaryen Dragons and Key Characters.
  • Original Hand Painted Art by Bob Stevlik featuring Daenerys Targaryen and Meereen Mirrored - Backglass.
  • 3 Pop Bumpers with Full Spectrum color-changing RGB LED lighting.
  • 63 Full Spectrum color-changing RGB LED's under ALL inserts.
  • All LED general illumination.
  • Super Powerful Full Spectrum color-changing RGB LED Floodlights on Upper Playfield.
  • Motorized animated interactive Dragon toy.
  • Exciting Sword Fight display mode.
  • Castle Upper Playfield with 2 Flippers, Loop Shot, 3 .5" Targets, 2 Drop-Off Lanes and Moon Door.
  • Castle Upper Playfield embodies unique rules, Castle Multiball, and other surprises.
  • Battering Ram sliding Bash Target smashes Castle Gate for bonuses and needed weapons and features.
  • The Wall Elevator brings ball up 2 floors: (1) Upper Playfield, and (2) the Iron Throne.
  • Sword of Multiball Swinging Sword Device.
  • White Walker Kickback fires ball back at players in anger.
  • Spinning Target with Sync-Flash TM Super bright Flasher.
  • 2 Electric Gates.
  • 2 Superspeed Ramps.
  • 1-1.5" Custom Castle Gate Stand Up target.
  • 5 - .5" Stand Up Targets.
  • 3 Bank Drop Targets.
  • 2 Bank of 1.5" Stand Up targets.
  • Right plastic ramp feeds to chrome right wire ramp, Sword of Multiball, and right flipper return lane.
  • Left plastic ramp feeds to Upper Playfield and connects to chrome left wire ramp, then to left return lane.
  • Blade Diverter shuttles ball around the Right Orbit Shot, or into Elevator Entrance.
  • Iron Throne Toy w flasher holds and ejects balls.
  • 4 New Drive Concept "No Buzz" Quiet Flippers.
  • Single Resettable Drop Target Guards the ramp leading to the Castle.

Product Database
Product Name :Game of Thrones Limited Edition Pinball Machine
Category Type :Pinball Machines
Manufacturer :Stern Pinball Inc
Year Of Release :2015
Product Size :Width: 68.6 cm
Depth: 139.7 cm
Height: 193.0 cm
Product Weight :210 kg
Controller Type :Flipper Buttons
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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