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Hog Wild

Hog Wild
Product Details
Year Released :2003
Category :Driving Machines

About Hog Wild

A chase orientated driving game, the player takes the role of a police officer and attempts to arrest outlaw bikers. The player can be one of 4 initially selectable characters each with its own vehicle.

Players can choose from 3 initially selectable courses - easy, medium & hard. The player has two main objectives to accomplish before the time runs out - to arrest a set quota of bad guys and to cross the finish line.

The player arrests the biker by crashing his car in them from the right, left or rear. With each arrest the player gains time and it also adds to the vehicles turbo gauge. Once the gauge reaches maximum the vehicle can pull the turbo lever and use either the full or half of the gauge. Once the 3 courses are completed the player can play as one of the bikers on a special bonus course.

Hog Wild Hog Wild      



Product Database
Product Name :Hog Wild
Category Type :Driving Machines
Style :Driving / Riding Games
Year Of Release :2003
Controller Type :Steering
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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