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House of the Dead DX

House of the Dead DX
Product Details
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Released :1997
Category :Shooting Games

About House of the Dead DX

The first in Sega's popular supernatural light gun shooting series. You are a special investigator sent to a mysterious house to rescue a captured research worker, where you must fight off hordes of undead and genetic mutations armed with only a pistol.

The game has four levels - Tragedy, Revenge, Truth and House of the Dead. In Truth, players fight their way into the house before facing boss 'Charriotte'. In Revenge, players fight through the main room of the house before coming up against boss 'Hanged Man'. in Truth, players navigate through secret passages and rooms in the upstairs area of the house before facing off against a giant spider boss. In the final level, the House of the Dead, players defeat 'Hanged Man', 'Charriotte', 'Curien' and the 'Robot Magician'.

Players can shoot objects such as doors, barrels and boxes to find hostages and power-ups. Players are armed with a pistol which holds 6 bullets. To reload the gun players shoot away from the game screen. Arrows and signs appear during play, and shooting these will cause the player to take a different path. There is also a multi-story system, where the story unfolds according to the players actions.

House of the Dead DX        


Product Database
Product Name :House of the Dead DX
Category Type :Shooting Games
Style :Gun Shooting Games
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Of Release :1997
Product Size :Width: 120.0 cm
Depth: 169.0 cm
Height: 226.0 cm
Product Weight :247.5 kg
PCB Type :Sega Model 2C
Controller Type :Gun
Screen Size :50" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single & Co-operative Play
No. Of Players :2

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