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Jurassic Park Pinball Pro Edition (Stern)

Jurassic Park Pinball Pro Edition (Stern)
Product Details
Manufacturer :Stern Pinball Inc
Year Released :2019
Category :Pinball Machines

About Jurassic Park Pinball Pro Edition (Stern)

Visit Isla Nublar and experience the exciting and thrilling Jurassic Park in Stern's Jurassic Park Pinball. Based on the original movie of the same name, Sterb's Jurassic Park Pinball has players rescuing park staff and recapturing dinosaurs that have been unleashed by Dennis Nedry's computer virus. All dinosaurs, however, are not created equal (as the player will find out), as players will battle Raptors and the mighty T-Rex!

All models feature a Jungle Adventure Vehicle target in the middle of the playfield that is a spinning Newton Ball. This kinetic target registers direct hits, determines the direction players navigate on the island during gameplay, and lights the T-Rex modes. All models also include three full-sized flippers, four custom ramps, a spinning "Spitter" target, in-lane up/down lock post that sets up critical playfield shots and distinctive hand-drawn art highlighting the iconic dinosaurs from the series.

Product Details for Jurassic Park Pinball Pro Edition (Stern)

  • Molded T- Rex
  • Butyrate raptor pen and target
  • Butyrate Helicopter Blade (Static)
  • 3 up-posts (left return lane, left control room, orbit to divert into pop bumpers)
  • Spinning kinetic newton ball Jungle Explorer Vehicle
  • Butyrate and wire electric fence
  • Right shooter lane half-pipe steel & wire ramp (Heliport)
  • Right spiral steel & wire ramp feeding upper flipper – Pteranodon
  • Left T-Rex ramp
  • Left Raptor tower half-pipe steel & wire ramp
  • Spitter spinning target
  • 3 flippers
  • 3 pop bumpers
  • 3 spell out rules
  • Playfield paddock map and inserts for player to traverse, culminating in 3 mini jackpots and a super jackpot
  • Incredible rendered LCD graphic scenes
  • 4 multiballs (T-Rex, Raptor Tri Ball, King of the Island, Chaos) ranging from 3 to 6 balls
  • Exclusive Jurassic Park theme full color high definition translite backglass and decal cabinet hand-drawn artwork
  • Snap-Latch front molding
  • EZ Slide cabinet brackets for smooth and easy playfield access
  • Powder coated black wrinkle finish side armor, hinges, front lockdown molding and legs
  • Plastic Molded Bottom Arch
  • 6 standard balls
  • Stereo sound system with 3-channel amplifier
  • Separate treble and bass adjustment
  • CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification
  • Fade adjustment to control front and bottom speaker outputs

Product Database
Product Name :Jurassic Park Pinball Pro Edition (Stern)
Category Type :Pinball Machines
Manufacturer :Stern Pinball Inc
Year Of Release :2019
Product Size :Width: 68.6 cm
Depth: 139.7 cm
Height: 191.8 cm
Product Weight :112.5 kg

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