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Kick 4 Cash

Kick 4 Cash
Product Details
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Released :2004
Category :AWP / SWP

About Kick 4 Cash

Kick 4 Cash is housed in the CashCube video SWP cabinet and tests players skills at free kicks. Players have the chance at each stage to choose the optimum cash win versus risk. A successful shot will add a cash goal bonus to their prize pot. Progressive free kicks will have bigger rewards allowing the player to reach £40 in ten goals. The machine is trackball controlled for power and direction, and the player must judge the gravity and curve of the ball. If the player spins too fast, the ball may fly over the bar, and if they kick too slow, the keeper may save. Features include a Bonus Chance, which allows the player to play a joker on one difficult goal - he can choose to double his win, get a second chance or make the defenders half the size.

Product Details for Kick 4 Cash

  • Footprint of 650mm x 720mm
  • Fully interchangeable cabinet for upgrades and switchable for foreign currency

Kick 4 Cash Kick 4 Cash      



Product Database
Product Name :Kick 4 Cash
Category Type :AWP / SWP
Style :Sport Games
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Of Release :2004
Product Size :Width: 65.0 cm
Depth: 84.0 cm
Height: 158.0 cm
Product Weight :134 kg
Linking :No
No. Of Players :1

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