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Laser Cue

Laser Cue
Product Details
Category :Video Games

About Laser Cue

A futuristic snooker themed pinball where the player is challenged to complete the rack of 15 balls and then go after the now lit "8 ball in the corner" shot for an extra ball. Other scoring opportunities include spelling P-O-O-L, B-A-L-L and C-U-E as well as bonus multipliers and "Life in the Lit Lane".

Another feature of the game is the guaranteed life of the extra ball, if the extra is drained away in the first 25 seconds the ball is automatically returned to the shooter.

Product Details for Laser Cue

  • Crated Weight 290lbs 123kgs
  • Power 115/230VAC 50/60Hz @ 4/2 A Peak 290W

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Product Name :Laser Cue
Category Type :Video Games

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