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Lightspace Play

Lightspace Play
Product Details
Manufacturer :Lightspace Corporation
Year Released :2007
Category :Touchscreen Machines

About Lightspace Play

Lightspace Play is an LED touchscreen based interactive games and fitness platform that can be used by children and adults alike.

The system combines the latest display and interactive technologies to produce a recreational experience that will provide hours of fun. The system is capable of storing and running a potentially limitless variety of games and interactive programs that can be used by any number of participants simultaneously.

Lightspace Play includes an interactive floor surface comprised of 16'x16' programmable LED lit and pressure sensitive tiles constructed to fit a 10 foot square space. Each tile consists of sixteen 4" x 4" pixels that can display any color, pattern or image. The surface is able to detect location, movement and density of players to give a realistic gaming experience. Reactions to player movements are displayed on the surface and are accompanied by sound effects.

The Lightspace Play software is housed in a durable game cabinet that is located next to the surface. The Play software not only stores and runs a vast array of games, but also provides a simple touch screen interface for players to choose and pay for the games they wish to play, with new games available for download. Lightspace Play measures 9 feet 4 inches x 9 feet 4 inches for the interactive tiles, an 8 inch ramp on all four sides, and also has an attached touch screen games cabinet (this hides, the control station, power supply for the floor). The system ships with 21 different games, activities and lightshows.

Product Database
Product Name :Lightspace Play
Category Type :Touchscreen Machines
Manufacturer :Lightspace Corporation
Year Of Release :2007
Product Size :Width: 284.5 cm
Depth: 284.5 cm
Height: 6.3 cm
Product Weight :159.863 kg

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