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Magic The Gathering: Armageddon

Magic The Gathering: Armageddon
Product Details
Manufacturer :Acclaim
Year Released :1997
Category :Video Games

About Magic The Gathering: Armageddon

An arcade game based on the card game "Magic - The Gathering". The player choose one of 5 wizards each with their own magical discipline (Light, Dark, Fire, Etc), and fights to the death against another wizard.

Each wizard can cast spells or summon creatures to fight on their behalf. The spells and creatures are related to the magical disciplines chosen e.g. White magic has the power of Light(healing magic and summoning good and just creatures like knights), whereas Black magic has the power of death (dark magic and summoning evil/undead creatures.) The player also has a defense button and using a trackball to aim against opponents.

Product Details for Magic The Gathering: Armageddon

  • 28" standard model and 38" deluxe models available

Product Database
Product Name :Magic The Gathering: Armageddon
Category Type :Video Games
Style :Action / Adventure Games
Manufacturer :Acclaim
Year Of Release :1997
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :2

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