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Maximum Heat 3D (Dead Heat) Arcade Machine

Maximum Heat 3D (Dead Heat) Arcade Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Year Released :2011
Category :Driving Machines

About Maximum Heat 3D (Dead Heat) Arcade Machine

Maximum Heat 3D Arcade Machine is the Japanese version of Dead Heat, a head-to-head street racing game from Namco. Although the game itself is essentially the same, the Japanese model features a stereoscopic 3D screen.

The machine features a set of 3D glasses mounted to the cabinet in a way that the user does not have to wear them. Players have the option of playing Maximum Heat in either 2D or 3D and the mode can be changed by the press of a button.

Maximum Heat 3D Arcade Machine also has an improved webcam avatar feature compared to Dead Heat. The game allows players to have a character overlay, such as those used in Namco's Tank! Tank! Tank! and Mario Kart GP.

Before the race, the built-in camera will take a picture of you and will use that photo to identify your car to other players. Instead of trying to figure out who is "Player 2" in that car battling with, a quick look at the photo tells you that your buddy or girlfriend is the one that is racing neck and neck with you.

Up to four single cabinets can be linked together for network play.

In Maximum Heat 3D, players race through four different cities, and can choose to race in one of eight high-powered cars. The tracks available are New York, Chicago, London and San Francisco. Each city has been recreated in painstaking detail, to make them as authentic as possible.

You have your choice eight customisable real cars to race in: Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper GTS, Ford GT, Ford Mustang, Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Nissan 370X and Nissan Skyline GT-R. Each car comes equipped with NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems) for that extra boost of power and a drifting feature can be activated by simply letting go of the wheel.

To increase the realism, Namco's patented software technology analyses your driving style and accurately mimics it when you register it to be a "ghost" driver for future races. When your car/profile gets placed as an "opponent" for other drivers, how you drive is accurately replicated so they are practically racing against you. Whether you like to take the turns sharp, bang into cars on the straight-a-way, or use your NOS at certain points in the race, it is all represented as if you were actually driving the car.

The PIN system encourages repeat play and location loyalty. At the end of every race, the game lures the player to come back by offering performance and cosmetic enhancements for the next race. First time drivers are encouraged to save their PIN/profile because if they do the game rewards PIN users with 3 bottles of NOS boost instead of 1 bottle for new and non-PIN users.

When you race the same people over and over again, the software will recognise these people as your friends through the profile PIN system. If you choose to race alone against the "ghost" cars, your friend's "ghost" car will be placed as one of your opponents.

This fun and thrilling game is made even more exciting with the addition of Stereoscopic 3D visual. This bright and attractive game will draw in players from all across the floor; players will come back time and again to enjoy Maximum Heat 3D!

Dead Heat Riders Arcade Machine  
Product Database
Product Name :Maximum Heat 3D (Dead Heat) Arcade Machine
Category Type :Driving Machines
Style :Driving / Riding Games
Manufacturer :BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Year Of Release :2011
Product Size :Width: 103.0 cm
Depth: 160.0 cm
Height: 268.0 cm
Product Weight :476.5 kg
Controller Type :Steering
Type Of Steering :Force Feedback Steering
Shifter :4 Speed
Pedal Configuration :2
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :Yes
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :1

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