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Medieval Madness Remake Standard Pinball Machine

Medieval Madness Remake Standard Pinball Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Chicago Gaming
Year Released :2015
Category :Pinball Machines

About Medieval Madness Remake Standard Pinball Machine

Medieval Madness Remake Standard Pinball Machine is a new production of the great classic game by Chicago Gaming, built in Stern's factory and licensed by Planetary Pinball Supply. The new electronics looks and feels the same as original (minus some W logo and Williams labels due to WMS licensing requirements).

Medieval Madness was first released in 1997 to critical and public acclaim, in no small part due to the fantastic build quality, the flow of the game, and the beautiful aesthetics of the design. Now Medieval Madness is coming back in a limited run of 1000 machines, giving you an unmissable opportunity to own a part of pinball history.

The Medieval Madness Standard will comes with original trim and now comes with DOUBLE HARD COAT (as is the LE), but no shaker motor included (game is shaker enabled).

The centrepiece of the machine is of course the castle, with its working portcullis and drawbridge. As the game progresses you'll have the objective to destroy six castles by hitting the entryway with the pinball.

Knock down the drawbridge, break through the portcullis and finally fire your ball inside to set off explosive effects on the dot matrix display and earn huge bonus points! Two trolls pop out of the playfield during certain play modes, giving you new targets to aim for and new bonuses to achieve.

Six missions must be completed to reach Wizard Mode "Battle for the Kingdom", including shooting the loops, hitting the Troll targets and destroying the castle. Several different multiball modes are also available, culminating in the Battle for the Kingdom with five balls on the playfield at the same time, in which you must defeat the King of Payne and become the new king!

Product Details for Medieval Madness Remake Standard Pinball Machine

Medieval Madness Remake Key Features

This amazing Standard version of Medieval Madness is a true collector's dream. It features:

  • Double hard coat protects the playfield while providing a deep gloss finish
  • New electronics provide the original gameplay with modern reliability
  • Warm white LEDs provide the look of the original incandescent bulbs
  • Serialized plaque
  • Exploding castle
  • 2 flippers
  • 3 pop bumpers
  • 2 ramps
  • Autoplunger
  • 2 pop-up trolls in the playfield
  • 6 missions to complete
  • Several multiball modes

Product Database
Product Name :Medieval Madness Remake Standard Pinball Machine
Category Type :Pinball Machines
Manufacturer :Chicago Gaming
Year Of Release :2015
Product Size :Width: 68.6 cm
Depth: 139.7 cm
Height: 193.0 cm
Product Weight :128.25 kg
Controller Type :Buttons/Flippers
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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