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MercRacer 3000

MercRacer 3000
Product Details
Manufacturer :GreyStone Technology, Inc.
Year Released :2001
Category :Driving Machines

About MercRacer 3000

An interactive full-motion video game platform that comes with an inbuilt game Canyon Fighter. The cabinet features a motion base with 3 degrees of freedom a high resoultion LCD display with built wide field of view optics and an additional 27" monitor located above head level gives bystanders a view of the action.

The sound is put through a hi-fidelity 200W sound system features two 4" midrange/tweeters and two 8" woofers. The player controls the cation with dual twist-grip controls, each grip has two fire buttons and a speed toggle. Up to 4 units can be linked together for head to head action.

The game Canyon fighter is an high-G combat racing game, up to 4 players can play all being armed with limited pulse lasers and defensive force shields, players must navigate the narrow canyons in search of Rocket and Rapid-Fire power-ups that let players blast rival pilots to space dust! Push the throttle to earn extra time at the checkpoints as the race to the finish line heats up.

Product Details for MercRacer 3000

The Cabinet
  • Motion Base
  • Pitch: +/- 20 Degrees, 45 deg/sec
  • Roll: +/- 20 Degrees, 45 deg/sec
  • Heave: +/- 2.5 inches, 5 ins/sec
  • Foot Print: 5' by 12'

The Game
  • The race/combat courses for different skill levels
  • Four unique aircraft to select from - fast, agile, shielded, balanced
  • Robust flight model mirrored by the MercRacer 3000's motion platform
  • Awesome visual and physical special effects
  • Intelligent tracking guns continually laying down curtains of fire
  • Compete against other players or computer-generated pilots
  • Full 3D audio effects and Redbook digital soundtracks

MercRacer 3000        


Product Database
Product Name :MercRacer 3000
Category Type :Driving Machines
Style :Shooting Style Games
Manufacturer :GreyStone Technology, Inc.
Year Of Release :2001
Controller Type :Steering
Screen Resolution :High (31kHz)
Linking :Yes
No. Of Players :1

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