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D / DS Model Phone Card dispensers

D / DS Model Phone Card dispensers
Product Details
Manufacturer :Opal Manufacturing Ltd
Year Released :2001
Category :Vending Machines

About D / DS Model Phone Card dispensers

A phone card dispensing machine featuring OPAL's patented jam proof dispensing system. It has the ability to deliver a carrier with each card, including multilingual instructions "terms and conditions" rates and or coupons.

The machine also has a number of Optional Features like the Bi-directional Data Transfer Module (DTM modem package) which features: MIS, self diagnostics, and other call out features including low card threshold. Customized paint and "turn key" graphics package for private label solutions. Pedestal with optional brochure rack. Enhanced security systems. External printing capabilities. Integrated scrolling LED sign Lockable note stacker and more.

The machine accumulates bills in any specified denominations until the vend price is met, product is then automatically vended. Last bill escrow to ensure that inserted bill does not exceed transaction parameters i.e. machine will not accept credit beyond the vend price.

The unit can be bolted on a service desk, to a wall, in a wall or mounted on an optional pedestal. The unit can be utilized in a protected environment that is not scrutinized 100% but does have some security i.e. bus and train depots, airports etc.

The unit also has sales tracking abilities like access to details of last five transactions. Sales information can be accessed locally via scrolling messages on the credit display or printed on the optional printer and or remotely relayed via optional Data Transfer Module (DTM) Modem Package.

This machine is equipped with Opal's unique patented gravity fed dispensing system. The dispensing unit is self contained and dispenses by alternately opening orthogonally located pairs of flaps. Each pair of flaps opens 90 degrees in a downward position allowing one card to fall free while the opposing pair of flaps securely retains the stack of cards.

Product Details for D / DS Model Phone Card dispensers

Enhanced Features ("DS" only)
  • Battery powered alarm system with 115dB horn to signal: -illegal door entry, excessive vibration from abuse
  • Optional tilt sensor
  • High security hardened stainless steel lock with triple point locking mechanism.
  • Robust 14 gauge steel cabinet and door with double "U" channel lip section for extra reinforcement.
  • Upgraded currency validator.

  • Scratch resistant plexi graphics protector.
  • External printer port.
  • Lockable and removable bill stacker for casino type security.
  • Foreign bill or currency validation.
  • Credit card validation.
  • Portable printer for hard copy of all transaction data.
  • Pedestal with optional integrated brochure rack.
  • Scrolling LED Point of Sale sign.
  • External key switch for last 5 transactions.

Remote Modem Package:
  • Bi-Directional Data Transfer Module for remote historic and real time viewing of sales transactions.

Self Diagnostics:
  • Machine will call host when cards are low, bill stacker is full or security is triggered.
  • Battery powered alarm system.
  • High security stainless steel lock.

Product Database
Product Name :D / DS Model Phone Card dispensers
Category Type :Vending Machines
Manufacturer :Opal Manufacturing Ltd
Year Of Release :2001
No. Of Players :1

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