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Amuzy New Kids Series (NK Series)

Amuzy New Kids Series (NK Series)
Product Details
Manufacturer :Amuzy Corporation
Category :Video Games

About Amuzy New Kids Series (NK Series)

New Kids Series (NK Series) is equipped with bright LED illuminations and a 17-inch monitor. While keeping simpleness of Kids Medal, this new series is designed so that older boys and girls can enjoy playing. Its maintenance is simple, too. Other games in this series are coming up soon!

The cabinets are similar to the Kids Medal series and come in red coloring with customised artwork for each game.

Product Details for Amuzy New Kids Series (NK Series)

Games Include :

1] Buttobi Softball
Beat a slugger one right after the other with a hard fastball!

[2] Dota Bata Wanwan Race
Unpredictable dog race! Which dog will win the race in the end?

[3] Ping Pong Champ
Move fast to win the game! Go! Hit a power smash!

[4] Three Shell Trick
Don't get tricked by mysterious magicians!

[5] Rensha de Attack
Take aim and pull the trigger! The concentration is the key to win the game!

[6] Hayaoshi! Jan-Ken Helmet
Winning Jan-Ken feels good?! The game everybody likes to play!

[7] Fortune Wild
The bar where rogues gathered! Prove your strength and skills!

[8] Tsuribaka Tengoku
The dream southern island is a paradise for fishers! Catch a biggest fish you have never seen before!

Product Database
Product Name :Amuzy New Kids Series (NK Series)
Category Type :Video Games
Manufacturer :Amuzy Corporation
Screen Size :17" Screen
Screen Orientation :Vertical
Screen Resolution :720p (1366x768)
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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