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Ninja Assault SD

Ninja Assault SD
Product Details
Manufacturer :Namco Limited
Year Released :2001
Category :Shooting Games

About Ninja Assault SD

Ninja Assault is a gun shooting game for 1 or 2 players. The gameplay is similar the popular Point Blank series, but takes the player(s) into a more realistic world with beautiful Japanese scenery.

Reloading of the gun is done by shooting outside the screen and the players remaining life is measured as a gauge instead of the Point Blank system of life points(hearts).

Play also differs away from Point Blank in that the player is awarded combo hits, which are bonus for when the player hits enemies without wasting bullets.

Product Database
Product Name :Ninja Assault SD
Category Type :Shooting Games
Style :Gun Shooting Games
Manufacturer :Namco Limited
Year Of Release :2001
Product Size :Width: 78.0 cm
Depth: 95.0 cm
Height: 214.0 cm
Product Weight :198 kg
PCB Type :Sega Naomi 1 Rom Board
Controller Type :Gun
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Screen Resolution :Medium (25kHz)
No. Of Players :2

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