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NSM Icon Internet Jukebox

NSM Icon Internet Jukebox
Product Details
Manufacturer :NSM Music UK
Category :Jukebox Machines

About NSM Icon Internet Jukebox

A digital jukebox from NSM, powered by the eCast network. This modern, slim-line jukebox is only 8" deep and weighs only 60 pounds. It features a massive 19" touchscreen alongside built-in sound-to-light panels, which can be set to a static colour to suit any location.

The Icon's dual 600-watt RMS amplifiers provide true 1200-watt music power, with the jukebox also featuring an infra-red remote control, a motorised insert credit card reader and interchangeable components for easy service.

The Icon also comes with the eCast MoJO update, which utilises a new, smaller hard drive, and supports the built-in "Easy Connect" wireless broadband service, plus includes an expansion slot to upgrade to the eCast Video Jukebox.

Product Details for NSM Icon Internet Jukebox

  • 19" Touchscreen
  • 200 GB hard drive
  • All electronics are easily swappable for serviceability
  • Dual Digital 600W Amps deliver 1200 Watts of power
  • Bass, Mid, and Treble Adjustable Tone Controls
  • 4 Line-Level Audio Outputs; 2 Auxiliary Audio Inputs
  • Infrared Remote Control w/Optional Wired Remote
  • Mars 2400 Series 700 Note Dollar Bill Acceptor
  • Imonex Quarter Coin Mechanism
  • Optional Motorized Credit Card Reader
  • On-board Ethernet for Broadband
  • Interchangeable Front Graphics
  • Microphone and Aux Outputs for Karaoke, PA etc
  • Manage your Jukeboxes Online with eCast Central

Product Database
Product Name :NSM Icon Internet Jukebox
Category Type :Jukebox Machines
Manufacturer :NSM Music UK

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