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NSM Performer Wall 2000 Jukebox

NSM Performer Wall 2000 Jukebox
Product Details
Manufacturer :NSM Music UK
Year Released :1995
Category :Jukebox Machines

About NSM Performer Wall 2000 Jukebox

A 100 CD wall-mounted jukebox from NSM. This version is an updated release of the original Performer Wall Jukebox and includes an upgraded amplifier and disc changer unit.

The Performer has an easy to use keypad and push buttons and has a black and chrome cabinet with glowing red and blue lights.

Product Details for NSM Performer Wall 2000 Jukebox

  • Displays four CD covers with picture and title strip
  • Stereoscopic sound with built-in stereo amplifier and particularly powerful HyperBeam Sound system
  • Many programmable functions including numerous background music settings

NSM Performer Wall 2000 Jukebox NSM Performer Wall 2000 Jukebox      

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Product Database
Product Name :NSM Performer Wall 2000 Jukebox
Category Type :Jukebox Machines
Manufacturer :NSM Music UK
Year Of Release :1995
Product Size :Width: 61.0 cm
Depth: 36.0 cm
Height: 101.0 cm
Product Weight :83 kg

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