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Ocean Star 2 Fish Hunter Arcade Machine

Ocean Star 2 Fish Hunter Arcade Machine
Product Details
Category :Ticket Redemption Machines

About Ocean Star 2 Fish Hunter Arcade Machine

The Ocean Star 2 is an ocean themed, fish hunter style arcade machine in which up to six players can battle it out for points.

The aim of the game is to catch as many fish as possible. The more fish you catch, the more tickets you'll earn. The game has four modes of play, including Dot Shooting Mode, Firing Mode, Net Mode, and Fish Cutting Mode. The game also features all new super weapons, such as the super cannons and super lasers!

The machine features mini games, such as: Crab Treasure Chest, Jellyfish, Free Games, Shell Three Choose One, Glittering Starfish, Fish Competition, and Cut Fish Contest.

There are a number of big point earners and point destroyers:

  • The King Fish is the big fish of every species (there are 100 species in total). Kill the King and kill every other fish of that species to earn mass points.

  • The Super King Fish is a giant whale. Take out the Super King and every fish on the screen will die too. This earns massive amounts of points for players.

  • The Predatory Shark swims around, eating fish as he goes. Earn extra points for every fish the shark eats. Also, there is a daily task to hunt down sharks for points.

  • The Eel Storm is a mass of eels that swim across the screen. They can't be captured and hauled away like the other fish, but if you net them, the electricity they give off will kill nearby fish and earn points.

  • Tsunami Struck sweeps across the screen, killing fish as it passes by.

The Ocean Star 2 features a 55" LCD monitor, as well as six individual touch screens around it for the players, and also features a bill acceptor and thermal printer. The machines input and output is operator adjustable and can take coin, token or bill in and coin, bill, thermal printout or token out.

Product Details for Ocean Star 2 Fish Hunter Arcade Machine

  • Six player
  • 55" LCD monitor
  • Six individual touch screens for players
  • Mini games and several modes of play
  • Coin/Bill/Token in (operator adjustable)
  • Coin/Bill/Token/Thermal Printout out (operator adjustable)

Product Database
Product Name :Ocean Star 2 Fish Hunter Arcade Machine
Category Type :Ticket Redemption Machines
Style :Action / Adventure Games
Product Size :Width: 141.5 cm
Depth: 194.4 cm
Height: 75.7 cm
Product Weight :150 kg
Controller Type :Touchscreen
Screen Size :55" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :6

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