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Official iBowling Lanes

Official iBowling Lanes
Product Details
Manufacturer :Imply Electronic Technology
Year Released :2011
Category :Bowling Systems

About Official iBowling Lanes

The Official iBowling Lanes are designed to be a main attraction at a larger location, hence it is bigger in size, linking up to 10 lanes, and has many more hardware and software features.

Built with eco-friendly phenolic synthetic laminates of high quality and durability, the Official iBowling lanes are only one of the components that make the iBowling system a technology show. The iBowling System provides to you the market's latest technology innovations, with the most modern and bold technology applied to Entertainment.

Terrestrial Multi-Functions Terminal
With a bold slim design, the terminals provide a modern decoration for your bowling. Its LCD Touchscreen exempts the use of a keyboard, allowing the players to access all the lane control functions through a simple touch on the screen.

Overhead LCD Displays
Flat screen 32" LCDs display the lanes score and TV or DVD images. When the lanes are closed, operators can show personalised messages - perfect for promotions, messages, and advertising.

LED's along the Lane
Lighting system with LEDs on the side of the lanes provides several visual effects that complement the Bright Bowling.

Bright Bowling
The bowling lanes are literally transformed into a show of colours, lights and music. The glow-in-the-dark pigments used on the equipment components, interact with the black lights, resulting in a great glow attraction.

Publicity and Decorative Panels
Shown as the pins reset, they are a place of great visibility for all players. Ideal for advertisements. Also available with decorative panels, which use glow-in-the-dark colors, increasing the impact of Bright Bowling effect. Located over the pins, include Pin Indication LED electronic displays. Its colorful images enhance and valorize the decor of your Entertainment Center, and are available in several exclusive themed color-schemes, including:

  • Green - Rainbow/ Colors/ Flow/or Happy.
  • Orange - Happy/ Sun/ Thunder/ Flow/ Space/or Fire.
  • Red - Lights/ Bowling Cafe/ 80s/ Palms/or Stripes.
  • B&W - Urban/ Victorian/ Bowling Cafe/ Cityscape/ Atmosphere/ Skyline/ Pins/ Analyzer/or Stripes.
  • Wood - Colors/ Fire/ Flow/ Palms/ Stripes/ Stripes 2/ Stripes 3/ Victorian/or Vintage.

Lane with phenolic synthetic laminates
With 10,000 cycles of resistance and Bright Bowling effect, the lanes look like new for many years of use.

Automatic Bumpers
Allows children and new players to have an option that makes the ball avoid the gutters. It is an option accessible from the terminals during the game.

New Software
The iBowling System has the most modern software on the market. It offers:

  • Multi-Language System which allows the player to select the language to command the lanes. With a touch of the screen, it is possible to choose among several languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and more.

  • 3D Animations which at each frame, a 3D animation is shown corresponding to the score, providing more fun and interactivity for players. Features on the 32" Overhead LCD displays and features four themes for the 3D animations: Water, Space, Jungle Adventure and Tourada.

  • Software with internet remote updates.

  • Integrated fault line which allows an individual configuration for each player, providing more security.

  • Configurable screensavers which are shown when the lane is closed, can be rented for sponsors, generating extra income.

  • Multi-platform compatibility which can be installed both on Linux or Windows environments.

  • Personalised messages which are scrolled at the bottom of the screen, can disclose promotions, events and company information.

  • Automatic Ranking displays at the end of the game and classifies the players score in three categories - male, female and children.

  • Send torpedoes feature allows players to send messages from one lane to another, or from the management central to the lanes.

BowlingNet System
Allows the owner to remotely manage their Bowling Center from any place in the world through the Internet. With this system, the owner can view the income of each lane or all of them. It allows them to see in real time which are the open lanes, and other useful information.

Management Central
Managemnet Central is a user friendly software with graphic interface. In addition to the personalized management of occupations and income generated by Lanes, the central can also manage other equipment,register customers for relationship actions, place reservations and call them with an electronic display, offers different management reports, and more. With our management system on the Internet (optional), you have access to your bowling information any day of the week, 24 hours a day and most importantly, from anywhere. We will facilitate your management without complication. You can see the income of each lane or all of them, can see in real time which are the open lanes and many other useful information.

  • Register customers with their data and preferences (address for mailing lists, birthday, shoe size, fidelity
number, and more).
  • Control the collection method (prepaid or postpaid), per hour or per game. Set different prices for specific
days and times, holidays, special prices for holidays, tournaments, birthdays, happy hours,special promotions,
among others. Control discounts and additions (it is required to enter a reason for record). Allows to split a
payment between several people.
  • Control opening and closing lanes, game settings, (players name, foul line, bumper), sends commands to the
lanes (return move, reset, restart, new game, add credits/games), reverse lanes, open lanes in maintenance mode,
retrieve lane (in case of misclosure), among other options.
  • Register users. Access to the system is via username and password.
  • Prints reports of each game, with the scores of players.
  • Reserve lanes and call reservations.
  • Configure and customize the languages.
  • Configure the buttons available on the player's screen.
  • Configure the Ranking (Male / Female / Kids).
  • Configure the animations displayed on the LCDs during the game.
  • Configure the messages and images Displayed on the LCDs.
  • Send messages to a lane or to all of them.
  • TV Remote Control.
  • Financial Synthetic and Analytical Reports.
  • Maintenance Reports.
  • In addition to bowling, can also control other equipment (optional) such as pool tables, and others.

The bowling equipment is developed to require minimum maintenance. Besides, the operation is facilitated by the use of market standard technologies, such as TCP/IP, Ethernet networks, multi-platform software (Linux or Windows), and modularity and plates connections, with remote updates via Internet and total telephone support. The equipment is recognised with CE certificates, following international quality standards.

Bowling Lounge Furniture
The Bowling Lounge Furniture line is designed to create a lounge atmosphere, providing greater comfort to your customers and maximising the time they spend in your center.

Product Details for Official iBowling Lanes


  • 2 Automated String Machine Pinsetters with CPT and smart sensors
  • Wood Phenolic Lane Surfaces
  • 1Automatic Ball Return System with Accelerator and Ball Lift
  • 1 Decorative Cover of the Ball Elevator with Ball Rack
  • 2 Sets of Round Gutters, Ball return cover and lane's divisions
  • 2 Sets of Automatic Bumpers with Pneumatic System
  • Lighting system with LED's along the lanes

  • 1 Computer with LCD screen, keyboard, mouse, switch and Antares Management Software License)
  • Decorative Panel with Bright Bowling Effect
  • 2 Pin Indication Electronic Panels with LED's
  • 2 Advertising Panels for the pins
  • 2 Overhead 32" LCDs for Score
  • 2 TMT - Terrestrial Multi-Functions Terminals with 15" LCD Touchscreen
  • 1 Electronic LED Display to show lane reservations
  • Autoscoring iBowling Software Licences with 3D Animations and Multi-languages system

  • 2 Bowling Lounge sofas for the Player's Area
  • 1 Bowling Lounge double table for the Player's Area

  • 20 Official Glow Pins
  • 10 Glow House Bowling Balls of Different Weight and Colors
  • 24 Pairs of Shoes
  • 1000 Socks
  • 1 Maintenance Kit with spare parts
  • 1 Lane Cleaning Kit
  • 1 Manuals Kit

  • Electronic fault line
  • Bowling Tools Kit
  • Ball Rack Table for Player's Area
  • Giant Pin
  • Handicap Bowling Ramp
  • Side protection
  • Ball Polish Machine

2014 Updates:

  • New Color Option for Gutters - Black
  • New Color Option for Ball Return - White
  • New Ball Polishing Option
  • New Service Call Option
  • Benches discontinued as of 2014


Player's Area: 4.00 m (13' 1 ½")
Approach: 4.61 m (15' 1 ½")
Lane: 19.17 m (62' 10 3/4")
Trim: 1.73 m (5' 8")
Total Length: 29.5 m (96' 9 4/5")

1 lane 2.02 m (6' 7 ½")
2 lanes 3.45 m (11' 3 4/5")
3 lanes 5.48 m (17' 11 7/10")
4 lanes 6.89 m (22' 7 1/5")
5 lanes 8.92 m (29' 3 1/10")
6 lanes 10.33 m (33' 10 7/10")
7 lanes 12.36 m (40" 6 3/5")
8 lanes 13.77 m (45' 2 1/10")
9 lanes 15.80 m (51' 10")
10 lanes 17.21 m (56' 5 ½")

Product Database
Product Name :Official iBowling Lanes
Category Type :Bowling Systems
Style :Sport Games
Manufacturer :Imply Electronic Technology
Year Of Release :2011
Controller Type :Touchscreen
Screen Size :32" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :Yes
Gameplay :Single Play, Versus Play & Co-operative Play

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