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Out Runners

Out Runners
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Category :Video Games

About Out Runners

OutRunners is part is part of the famous Out Run series from SEGA. With a much more relxed feel that than its predecessor "Turbo Outrun", Outrunners was the most popular release for Sega's System Multi 32 hardware.

Game play features a selection of cars and courses that span across the globe, with up to eight players able to compete head-to-head when four cabinets are linked together. After the initial starting stage, player can either turn east or west. West leads through San Francisco, through the Easter Islands, into Asia and either into Africa or Europe. East goes through the Grand Canyon, South America or Niagara Falls, across the Atlantic Ocean, into Europe and either into Asia or Australia!

There are 9 different styles of car to choose from and the game features all the original music from Out Run as well as new tracks. The songs are easily changable with the radio station function - the first of its kind for driving arcade games.

Product Details for Out Runners

  • Steering wheel with force feedback
  • 2-position shifter (low & high)
  • 2 pedals

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Product Name :Out Runners
Category Type :Video Games

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