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Overtake Driving Arcade Machine

Overtake Driving Arcade Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :IGS
Category :Driving Machines

About Overtake Driving Arcade Machine

Overtake Driving Arcade Machine is a street racing video arcade game in which players can ride solo, competing against the computer, or, they can enter a heated, head-to-head competition with up to 3 friends.

Players can choose from 6 popular racers, and each vehicle has distinctive features and various types of Turbo Jet Boost for more speed and a higher intensity race. It also comes with 3 game modes, including Time Trial, Race Mode and Multi-Player Mode!

The game features diverse track combinations, scenery and the player's ability to remodel their cars in unique ways, making this more fun and customized to suit the players and what they want. Vehicles are equipped with various types of lighting and the "vibration" functions, so when vehicles are hit or Turbo Jet or Boost is used, significant vibrations will be felt by player's seat to enhance their race experience, and feel the intense atmosphere during race competitions!

Product Details for Overtake Driving Arcade Machine


  • Force Feedback Steering Wheel and Seat Vibration System
  • Boost and Turbo Jet Boost Helps Reach Insane Speeds
  • 12 Action-Packed Tracks With Random Event Combos
  • 6 Street Cars With 1000's Of Modifications Available
  • 3 Game Modes including Multiplayer, Race Model and Time Trial

Product Database
Product Name :Overtake Driving Arcade Machine
Category Type :Driving Machines
Style :Driving / Riding Games
Manufacturer :IGS
Product Size :Width: 110.5 cm
Depth: 170.2 cm
Height: 240.0 cm
Product Weight :157.05 kg
Controller Type :Steering
Type Of Steering :Force Feedback Steering
Shifter :Up / Down
Pedal Configuration :2
Screen Size :42" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :Yes
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :1

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