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Pirate's Adventure Shooting Gallery

Pirate's Adventure Shooting Gallery
Product Details
Manufacturer :Amusement Electronics
Category :Park Rides & Attractions

About Pirate's Adventure Shooting Gallery

Pirate Adventure Shooting Gallery. Ahoy Matey !! Climb aboard and capture them "Gold Dubloons" with our latest state of the art gallery. This pirate theme is more popular than ever, and our galleries are perfect for adding substantial income to your location.

Pirate's Adventure features Taylor Shooting Rifles with Visible Strobe Lights, Gun Power Units with Adjustable Shot and Gun Count and Six (6) Digital Gun Shot Sounds!

Pirates's Adventure comes with very life-like Animatronic Targets, with a Ship's Captain that says 4 pirate sayings with arm, head and mouth movement on a constant loop.
Arcade Shooting Gallery features minimal maintenance, No game attendant needed reducing operating overhead.
Proven gallery designs with top quality components and electronics. No computers to break down or the need to continuously update software. Galleries can be custom built for your width, depth and height requirements. Set, Stage and Gun Counter can also be custom built to spec.

All Galleries Include:

  • Custom built set to your specifications.
  • Scoring and Ticket Dispensing.
  • 1 year limited warranty on all parts and labor.
  • 1 complete spare gun position.
  • Air Compressor.
  • Miscellaneous spare parts.

Available Options:

  • Expandable up to 10+ guns.
  • Water shoot-back system.
  • Dollar bill Validator.
  • Card Readers.
  • Constant sound effect.

Product Details for Pirate's Adventure Shooting Gallery

21 Targets Listed Below:

  • 1 Pirate With Animation (Attract Mode)
  • 1 First Mate in Barrel (Squirting Target)
  • 2 Firing Cannons (Squirting Targets)
  • 2 Laughing Skulls on posts (Digital Sound)
  • 1 Squawking Parrot (Digital Sound)
  • 1 Large Crow (Digital Sound)
  • 1 Spinning Crab
  • 1 Spinning Sea Gull (Digital Sound)
  • 1 Spinning Ships Wheel
  • 1 Treasure Chest
  • 1 Treasure Map
  • 2 Pop-Up Cans
  • 1 Breakaway Bottle
  • 1 Pouring Keg
  • 2 Lanterns
  • 1 Spinning Jug
  • 1 Wilting Flower
  • 1 Tilting Mast


The below dimensions are for a "Standard" size shooting gallery, however
all galleries are custom built to your needs and location dimensions.

  • 4 gun --- 8' wide, 14' deep, 10' high
  • 6 gun --- 12' wide, 14' deep, 10' high
  • 8 gun --- 16' wide, 15'deep, 10' high
  • 10 gun --- 20' wide, 16' deep, 12' high

Product Database
Product Name :Pirate's Adventure Shooting Gallery
Category Type :Park Rides & Attractions
Style :Shooting Style Games
Manufacturer :Amusement Electronics
Product Size :Width: 426.7 cm
Depth: 304.8 cm
Height: 365.8 cm
No. Of Players :10

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