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Pop'n Music 7

Pop'n Music 7
Product Details
Manufacturer :Konami
Year Released :2001
Category :Music Machines

About Pop'n Music 7

Pop'n Music returns in a big way with the addition of 30 new songs from all new music categories. The new improved battle mode makes 2 player competition even more fun. The internet still plays a big part in this version with "Internet Ranking" and lots of campaigns to participate in.

Gameplay is identical to other games in the series. The Pop'n Music controller features 9 buttons organised in two rows. After you select a song, the screen will show 9 coloured "pop notes" descending towards the timing bar. You must watch the screen, and hit the corresponding coloured buttons in time with the music and the notes on the screen.

Product Details for Pop'n Music 7

  • Power: AC100V +/- 10% (50/60Hz) 700W

Product Database
Product Name :Pop'n Music 7
Category Type :Music Machines
Style :Music Games
Manufacturer :Konami
Year Of Release :2001
Product Size :Width: 97.0 cm
Depth: 94.0 cm
Height: 215.0 cm
Product Weight :205 kg
PCB Type :Bemani Firebeat
Controller Type :9 Buttons
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :No

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