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Puck Off

Puck Off
Product Details
Manufacturer :GFX
Year Released :2006
Category :Sports Games

About Puck Off

The objective of the game is to slide, via the trackball, all four of your pucks alternately against those of an opponent, so that they reach the highest scoring area without falling off the end or side of the board into the alley.

Also, a player's puck(s) must be farther down the board than his opponent's puck(s), in order to be in scoring position. This may be achieved either by knocking off the opponent's puck(s), or by outdistancing them.

For scoring after all pucks in a round have been thrown, the player whose leading puck is farthest down the board is the winner of the round. The winners score is then determined by adding the values of all their leading pucks which lie ahead of the losers leading puck. Only the winner scores in a round. There are three scoring zones: three, two, and one, plus a bonus four for pucks overhanging the far end of the board which is called a hanger. A players puck must be completely clear of the line to score in the higher zone.

In the case where no pucks are left on the board at the end of a round, there is no score or winner. However, the next round is started by the player who had the hammer in the previous round. Any puck that does not cross the foul line (closest line to player) is removed from the table and thus cannot be eligible for a score.

Product Details for Puck Off

  • Single player practice mode
  • 8 Computer opponents
  • Player Vs Player mode
  • Stand alone tournament setup available
  • Kits easily into most trackball cabinets
  • Online tournament system and linking with internet connection

Puck Off Puck Off      



Product Database
Product Name :Puck Off
Category Type :Sports Games
Style :Sport Games
Manufacturer :GFX
Year Of Release :2006
Controller Type :Trackball
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :2

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