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Raceway Redemption Machine

Raceway Redemption Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Coastal Amusements
Year Released :2005
Category :Ticket Redemption Machines

About Raceway Redemption Machine

Raceway is a fun, simple, and low maintenance game. The simplicity of play and
lack of mechanical moving parts allows many hours of carefree operation. Game play is simple, the player inserts the required number of coins or tokens and game play proceeds automatically.

The game prompts the player with the phrase’s like “Welcome to smokin raceway
drag strip”, the central neon lights then enter in a “Christmas Tree” sequence, red to green, the sound of screeching tires plays simultaneously as the lights begin “racing” down the track. The object of the game is to “stop” the light with the stop button as close as possible to the “JP” position in order to win the jackpot. When the player “stops” the light the game will prompt with “Nice Run.” Tickets are awarded to the player based on Jackpot options and seven ticket payout tables that are selectable with DIP switches
located on the main logic board.

Product Details for Raceway Redemption Machine


There are multiple options available in Raceway to suit your desires. The game
leaves our factory set up and ready to play. All you need do is plug it in and load the ticket bins.

As soon as a player inserts a coin in the game play begins. The machine prompts them with “Welcome to Smokin Raceway Drag Strip” and the center three neon lights work in a “Christmas Tree” mode lighting red, yellow, and then green. As the green light illuminates the lights “race” down the length of the “track.” The object of the game is to “Stop” the light at the jackpot position. If the player successfully does this they win the amount of tickets displayed in the jackpot displays. These tickets can either be directly
paid out by the machine or the attendant can record the jackpot value and clear it using a switch located below the ticket dispenser.
Various amounts of tickets are awarded for stopping the light at other positions. You may choose from
seven payout tables to suit you needs.
If two players coin up before the first players game has started, the game will play in “competition run” mode. Both players games will be synchronized, the game will say “competition run” before the start of
the game.

Product Database
Product Name :Raceway Redemption Machine
Category Type :Ticket Redemption Machines
Style :Puzzle Games
Manufacturer :Coastal Amusements
Year Of Release :2005
Product Size :Width: 121.9 cm
Depth: 88.9 cm
Height: 121.9 cm
Product Weight :90 kg
Controller Type :Button

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