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Revenge from Mars Pinball (1999)

Revenge from Mars Pinball (1999)
Product Details
Manufacturer :Williams Electronics Games
Year Released :1999
Category :Pinball Machines

About Revenge from Mars Pinball (1999)

Revenge From Mars is an alien themed pinball, and the sequel to Attack from Mars. The pinball uses the pinball 2000 system, with a fully interactive video monitor integrated into the rear of the machine. Revenge From Mars was the first Pinball to feature such technology, with the playfield containing virtual video targets.

The player must get through 12 waves of aliens. If the player completes any 3 waves they enter the bonus wave, if the player manages to score 40 points on the 3 bonus waves they unlock the mothership multi-ball. The major objective is to light all the saucer lights to begin attacking mars and battle to save the milky way.

Product Database
Product Name :Revenge from Mars Pinball (1999)
Category Type :Pinball Machines
Manufacturer :Williams Electronics Games
Year Of Release :1999
Product Size :Width: 125.0 cm
Depth: 75.0 cm
Height: 135.0 cm
Product Weight :253.125 kg
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
No. Of Players :4

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