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Rubics Cube Mini Crane Machine

Rubics Cube Mini Crane Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Sealy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Category :Crane Machines

About Rubics Cube Mini Crane Machine

Rubics Cube Mini Crane Machine is an exciting prize redemption machine. This novel, low floor standing machine with cube-shaped design is small in size and will fit into almost any location or space. The choice of four different colours (blue, yellow, green and pink) means that you can mix and match the crane machine to suit the desired gaming space.

The Rubics Cube Mini Crane Machine has been designed so it is easy to use and play. The machine is controlled by 1 joystick and a start button. To play, the player insert coins into the coin slot and press the start button. A LED display will show the amount of time the player has to test their luck. Players move the joystick up, down, left or right to control the claw. Once the player has the claw in the desired position, the player must press the start button to release the claw, if successful the claw will grab the prize and will release it to the prize out door. Once the game is over, a flashing light will activate, if it flashes green the player has one a free game or multiple free games. If the light flashes red, the game is over.

The simplicity of game play and excitement of potentially winning a prize will draw players from all ages and skill levels. Its small size and easy maneuverability makes the Rubics Cube Mini Crane Machine suitable for all locations.

Product Details for Rubics Cube Mini Crane Machine

  • 1 Player Game
  • LED Display to show game time
  • Machine on wheels for easy maneuverability

Product Database
Product Name :Rubics Cube Mini Crane Machine
Category Type :Crane Machines
Manufacturer :Sealy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Product Size :Width: 85.0 cm
Depth: 85.0 cm
Height: 95.0 cm
No. Of Players :1

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