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Sea Wolf 55: The Next Mission

Sea Wolf 55: The Next Mission
Product Details
Manufacturer :Coastal Amusements
Year Released :2007
Category :Ticket Redemption Machines

About Sea Wolf 55: The Next Mission

Super Sea Wolf 55 Video Arcade / Videmption Game A new twist on a old favorite! Sea Wolf is a cool, retro yet modern video ticket redemption game that is a update of the older game made originally by Midway Games in the 70's, but comes with awesome video animation, amazing digital stereo sound and a totally cool new cabinet !

NEW FEATURE! In this newest model of Sea Wolf, players now use a machine gun to shoot down attacking planes !

The Sea Wolf 55 Model uses a huge 55" digital flat-panel LCD monitor along with 3D modeling to produce realistic looking ships with full animation. The fire, explosions,
and torpedo action are all enhanced with stereo sound and a sub-woofer located in the seat. The game also includes a Progress Bonus display for players to win!

The concept is very simple and very addicting. Players launch torpedoes from their video command center and have 5 different spots on the screen to launch them from. Players then try to hit the ships that pass by on the screen and sink them - its that simple

Players can shoot one torpedo at a time from the same spot and wait for it to either hit a ship, or go off screen before they can shoot another one. Some ships move faster than others, so players must get their timing down right, as well as thinking about shot angles and speed before launching their torpedoes

Product Database
Product Name :Sea Wolf 55: The Next Mission
Category Type :Ticket Redemption Machines
Style :Action / Adventure Games
Manufacturer :Coastal Amusements
Year Of Release :2007
Product Size :Width: 154.9 cm
Depth: 198.1 cm
Height: 251.5 cm
Product Weight :270.45 kg
Screen Size :32" Screen
Screen Resolution :720p (1366x768)
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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