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Shooting Plane Arcade Machine

Shooting Plane Arcade Machine
Product Details
Category :AWP / SWP

About Shooting Plane Arcade Machine

Shooting Plane Arcade Machine is an exciting air combat gaming machine with 3D High Definition graphics on a 42" LCD Screen. With its air combat theme, various weapons and features to utilize, players of all skills levels with be drawn time and again.

Shooting Plane is a shoot em up, defender style game where players battle it out head to head in order to win big. To begin, players insert coin, select plane and weapon, then aim and fire! While the gameplay is easy and suitable for all skill levels, there are various weapons and features to pick up during gameplay with their own unique benefits, which should be utilized in order to win the most points.

Weapons and Features Include;

  • Canonballs: when fired will go straight
  • Missile: when fired will automatically lock and follow enemy
  • Small Drill: can increase the energy sheild against enemy artillery without losing any points
  • Red Diamond: when using shrapnel you will receive increased range of shooting enemy aircraft
  • Blue Diamond: when firing blue laser it will lock and shoot enemy planes
  • Purple Diamond: when firing purple laser it will automatically lock and shoot down firing aircrafts and counteract their attack
  • Triple Shot Missile: can automaticaly lock and follow enemy for up to three fires (shots)
  • Whole Screen Bomb: will detonate and destroy all enemy aircrafts on screen

Shooting Plane is a marevellous 3D air combat shooting game which will have players return time and again due to is varied game play and wide range of weapons at player disposal. However, Shooting plane also includes several other special features which sets it apart from other machines;

  • Ranking System: Players can battle in an online ranking system to see who is the champion of air combat and track who has destroyed the most enemy planes
  • Screen Adjustments: Shooting Plane can be adjusted to a Horizontal or Vertical screen
  • Connection Technology: Shooting Plane can be connected via PC and router which can support up to 32 machines for online play/tournaments/competitions

Product Details for Shooting Plane Arcade Machine

Machine Size (cms): 134.5 Width x 167.5 Depth x 209 Height

Input/Output Options:
  • Coin In / Coin Out
  • Coin In / Redemption Ticket Out
  • Coin + Note In / Redemption Ticket Out
  • Note In / Thermal Printer Out
  • Card In / Card Out (cashless system)

  • * Please note that this is available in Chinese Version only **

Product Database
Product Name :Shooting Plane Arcade Machine
Category Type :AWP / SWP
Style :Gun Shooting Games

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