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Showdown 65" HD Motion Special Attraction Arcade Machine

Showdown 65" HD Motion Special Attraction Arcade Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Sega Amusements (UK)
Year Released :2015
Category :Driving Machines

About Showdown 65" HD Motion Special Attraction Arcade Machine

Showdown 65" HD Motion Special Attraction Arcade Machine is the ground-breaking new racing game from legendary arcade game publisher Sega and racing specialists Codemasters, the team behind 2010’s hugely successful GRID arcade racing game.

The Showdown 65" Special Attraction comes in a 2 player set up and a 4 player set up with Showdown TV. It delivers arcade thrills and full contact racing in every event, each an electrifying festival of energy, speed and destruction that demands repeat play.

Players will fully commit on every corner and overtake as they take on spectacular circuits set across the world. Showdown’s tracks are littered with obstacles, pinch points, multiple-routes and ramps to deliver action-packed, white-knuckle action in each and every race.

Players are fully immersed in the action with the game’s stunning graphics, a huge curved display and ground-breaking pivot motion technology. An all-new handling system makes the game both accessible and rewarding for the player as they dive into a new world of motorized mayhem bursting with speed, style and destruction.

Players have ten classic car types to race, from muscle cars and pick-up trucks to sports cars and even hearses. These categories include: Coupe, Cruiser, Muscle, Old-Timer, Pickup, Saloon, Special, Sport, Truck, and Tuned.

There are six stages for players to race through, including: Miami, Colorado, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Yokohama. On these stages, players can choose between four race modes:

  • Race Off - A no holds barred, wild racing event where it’s a fight to the finish line by any means necessary. Show your opponents who is the true king of the road by smashing them off it as you sprint for the checkered flag.

  • Demolition - A closed arena map where the aim is to take out opponents by smashing, bashing and shunting them to oblivion. Powered by Pivot Motion Technology, Showdown arcade brings demolition derby alive like never before.

  • Knockout - Push pedal to metal and drive it like you stole it as you knock out opponents from the top of the platform, and try to stay on top yourself. Use boost to deliver crunching T-Bone crashes or dash out the way of incoming hits.

  • Crossroads - Race on classic figure of eight circuits, where it’s full-on carnage in cars at the track’s intersection points.

Amplifying this core gameplay experience, a party atmosphere surrounds each circuit – crowds in the thousands cheer the drivers on and react to the action as it unfolds. Fireworks and lasers flood the sky, planes buzz the track and many more environmental effects help create a celebratory, festival vibe for each and every event.

Showdown Special Attraction is a combination of ground-breaking new technology and years of expert experience in video game cabinet design, delivering striking looks and an experience like no other!

Showing off the four cabinets in style is this amazing attraction marquee. When fully lit and running Showdown TV, these bespoke cabinets will be the main attraction in any location.

Showdown TV
These two huge HD displays show player’s real time reactions, so spectators feel like they are part of the action. Whilst in Showdown TV’s demo sequence, the display shows off the game’s sensational on-track action to attract new players.

Curved Screen
A super wide curved screen creates the most realistic and immersive game experience possible for the player.

Pivot Motion Seat
Feel the experience of drifting, crashing, overtaking, performing takedowns, landing jumps and boosting like never before.

Authentic Dashboard
The authentic dashboard has real working dials, buttons and a fully functional radio.

Online Leaderboards & Unlocks
Showdown takes advantage of Sega’s exciting new online portal ‘Sega Scores’. At the end of a game
players are presented with an onscreen QR code that when scanned with a smartphone takes them to segascores.com. Here they can see their ranking for that cabinet, location and region, as well as their overall position on the global leaderboard. They can brag about their skills via social media and get awarded new unlocks in game. When a player uses a code and unlocks a new feature, they are
given a new code with the new item added to their previous collection. This expands the Showdown experience for the player and encourages repeat play.

Product Details for Showdown 65" HD Motion Special Attraction Arcade Machine

Showdown 65" HD Motion Special Attraction Available as:

  • 2 Player Twin Set
490W x 222.5D x 285.7H cms

  • 4 Player Set with Showndown TV
930W x 222.5D x 285.7H cms

Exterior Specifications:

  • New bespoke cabinet design
  • Translucent rear fascia panels
  • Bold artwork throughout the cabinet
  • Signature LED lighting

Interior Specifications:

  • Stainless steel floor fascia panels
  • Fully functioning radio
  • 65" LED Curved Screen
  • High performance 5.1 surrounds sound
  • Over 100 inch Hybrid Laser LED Projection display
  • Force feedback steering
  • Driver adjustable pivot motion seat
  • Optical safety sensors
  • Motion Stop button
  • Authentic automotive warning lights
  • Player face camera
  • Stainless steel unlock code keypad
  • Authentic dashboard with stainless steel effect, fully working dials, toggle switch and engine start button

Product Database
Product Name :Showdown 65" HD Motion Special Attraction Arcade Machine
Category Type :Driving Machines
Style :Driving / Riding Games
Manufacturer :Sega Amusements (UK)
Year Of Release :2015
Product Size :Width: 930.0 cm
Depth: 222.5 cm
Height: 285.7 cm
Controller Type :Steering
Type Of Steering :Force Feedback Steering
Pedal Configuration :2
Screen Size :64" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :Yes
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :4

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