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Space Ace

Space Ace
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About Space Ace

Space Ace was made by the maker of Dragon's Lair and with similar features and gameplay. The hero this time is "Ace" space adventurer and all around good guy. The story is once again animated and pressed onto a laser disc, for superior graphics.

The villain for this piece is the insidious "Borf". Who is going to use the most terrifying weapon in ever created, "The Infanto Ray" Borf plans to transform the Earth Population into infants and then invade the hapless planet. In steps Space Ace defender of everything that's good and wholesome in our universe, to thwart this dastardly scheme of world domination and bring maniacal "Borf" to justice. Unfortunately Ace has be hit with the Infanto ray and become his lesser than heroic alter ego "Dexter" to make matter worse his girlfriend "Kimberly", has been kidnapped.

It's up to you to help Dexter/Ace rescue Kimberly, destroy the Infanto ray and stop "Borf" plan of Adult Genocide from coming to fruition.

As with most Laser Disc game, the story unfolds by itself, but the player needs to help Dexter/Ace out of tight stops, by input to the correct command at the right time.

Product Details for Space Ace

  • This game featured 3 difficultly levels, Cadet, Captain & Ace. Each levels was progressively harder but contained more of the stories animation.
  • The game released in 1991 by The Leland Corporation(who bought out Cinematronics in the 80's), as a conversion kit for Dragon's Lair II. This version only contains the Ace skill level.

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Product Name :Space Ace
Category Type :Video Games

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