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Speed Rider Arcade Machine

Speed Rider Arcade Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :IGS
Year Released :2008
Category :Simulators

About Speed Rider Arcade Machine

Speed Rider is an arcade motorcycle-racing simulator machine from IGS. This exciting racing game allows for solo or multiplayer gameplay, as well cooperative and versus play. It has a number of features that make this game fun for players and encourages customer return.

Features include:

  • THE CARD SYSTEM - The card system for speed racer allows players to save games, keep track of high scores, organize a team, us the customization studio, increase bike performance, possibly win IR passwords and allows access to the online ranking registration. The card can be used up to 200 times, after which it will need to be replaced.

To activate the card, first, insert the card. Second, choose a gender and character. There are twelve to choose from - Mia, Willy, Craze, Johnson, Kagemaru, Chang, Lilith, Tyrant, Shawn, Vivian, Lily and Aura. Third, choose your bike. There are four models to choose from - MoonDance (Handle Type), Inferno (Acceleration Type), Unicorn (Average Type - good for entrance level players) and Thunderbolt (Speed Type). Fourth, choose a color for your bike. Fifth, enter your name with a maximum of ten English letters/digits. Sixth, enter your license number with a maximum of five English letters/digits. Your card should now be activated.

  • THE FLEET SYSTEM - The fleet system allows you to create a team. You will need to check you are eligible for the fleet feature first before you can activate it. Once active, insert coins and press the 'Up', 'Down', 'Left' and 'Right' buttons, and the 'Brake', to create a team. Players who want to join your team will have to insert coins with teammates, then press and hold the 'Down' button for three seconds. After this, select a symbol for your team and enter your team name with a maximum of ten English letters/digits. This will complete the team feature, and you will see your team symbol on the chart, in the game and on the bike profile.

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is only available for players using the SR card. Each card allows one opportunity to organize and join a team. Players of a team can invite players to a team to join if they do not already belong to a team.

  • BOOST BUTTON - this is a big button players can hit to give your bike a boost of speed when needed.

  • BENDING SENSOR DEVICE - when you bend your upper body to block the IR sensor, it will reduce wind resistance and your bike will run faster, although faster may make corners harder to handle.

  • ROLE DRESSING SYSTEM - this features is for character customization. It includes outfits, racing gear, helmets and fun accessories.

  • CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEM - this feature is for bike customization. It includes the body, paint design, exhaust pipes and N2O color.

  • FOUR TRACKS (IN FORWARD AND REVERSE) - these tracks include the Great Dam track, the Taipei track, the Heilongjiang track, and the Shanghai track.

  • THREE MODES OF PLAY - the game includes three modes of play titled Multiplayers, Story, and Time Attack.

  • TWELVE STAGES - the game includes twelve stages titled 1. On Your Marks; 2. The Machinist; 3. Relationship; 4. A Challenge; 5. Power Revolution; 6. Dance In The Night; 7. White Edge; 8. Cold Chasing; 9. Can't Get Over; 10. Limit Breaker; 11. Road to Speed; 12. Beyond the Legend.

  • GHOST BIKE MODE - allows players to play players all around the globe at anytime.

Product Database
Product Name :Speed Rider Arcade Machine
Category Type :Simulators
Style :Driving / Riding Games
Manufacturer :IGS
Year Of Release :2008
Product Size :Width: 206.8 cm
Depth: 201.5 cm
Height: 238.2 cm
Product Weight :400 kg
Screen Size :32" Screen
Screen Orientation :Vertical
Linking :Yes
Gameplay :Single Play, Versus Play & Co-operative Play
No. Of Players :4

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